#FOMO? How To Decide Which Beauty Industry Events Can't Be Missed!

By: Allison Blair Gregg

FOMO or fear of missing out is likely to happen at least a few times in your career. With the avalanche of special events targeted towards beauty professionals, it's hard to decide which ones are vital enough attend, especially when you could potentially miss out on bookings with clients. Many people have difficulty figuring which events are worthy of what could be a considerable monetary investment in airfare, hotel stay and tickets to insider-only affairs.



Business - Related Expenses 

Did you know that you can earn important tax incentives whenever you attend continuing education classes or, events that have a direct impact on your business? Independent professionals as well as corporations can deduct ordinary and necessary expenses as they are considered improvements or investments.


The beauty industry adds billions of dollars to the economy which means it's a major boon for everyone involved, especially the federal government.  After all, services and goods made available for consumers to purchase contributes to a stimulated and robust market. Simply put: the more money people spend doing business, the better it is for the feds. In order to encourage small business owners and corporations alike to wade into what can be demanding, stressful waters, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) offers incentives for people to help recoup losses for things that make their trade flourish. Check with a certified personal accountant or visit the IRS website to learn different ways you can do the things to increase profitability and earn money back during tax time.



Sharing Really Does Mean Caring 

Networking is an essential part to being the best at your craft! By surrounding yourself with your peers, you are part of an essential exchange of ideas that helps everyone involved expand their product knowledge and keeps our industry rich and diversified. Some networking events are better than others and can include a hefty price tag. It’s essential for savvy professionals and aspirng students to peruse the events that will be beneficial to your professional career. Make the most of the industry events by participating in things that address a specific need like employment opportunities, sneak peaks into up-and-coming product lines and trends on the horizon.


Premiere Orlando is the site of the beauty industry’s largest event of 2017.  With specific times and dates earmarked for educational events and exhibits, this is one investment that will pay off for students, employers, and professionals, alike.  


Beauty Cast Network has partnered with the organizers of the most important beauty event in the United States. During the festivities from June 4th - 5th, we will present a job fair that features the industry’s most respected employers.  For information on how to register for tickets and learn more about competitions, special classes and more, visit the Premiere Orlando website!

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