A Mindset for Success: Why the “Debbie Downer” Approach is Not Doing You Any Favors

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You know her. You’ve definitely been around her. Maybe, you’ve been her (insert audible gasp here!).


She’s the one lurking near the shampoo basins, sharing the latest woes to her guest (or co-worker or anyone who’ll listen), grumbling about who knows what that’s somehow become the “drama du jour”. You guessed it - a modern-day, salon professional version of “Debbie Downer” – SNL’s legendary character who could take the positive or the mundane and give it the most negative spin imaginable.


Even beyond innovation and creativity, what matters most (not only in this industry but in any industry, and life, in general) is the way you think and perceive the world. Perspective, attitude, outlook – call it what you want, but understand that developing a positive mindset and applying it to all areas of your life will put you squarely ahead of the pack.


Here’s the thing – it’s an incredible time to be in the professional beauty industry. It’s diverse, lucrative, and challenging. If your first instinct is to disagree, maybe it’s time to take a second look at your approach. In order to thrive in such a competitive environment, a stellar work ethic, perseverance, and dedication are must-haves, along with a combination of technical skills and people skills.


Mindfully focusing on what’s going right versus what’s going wrong will bring more of what’s right into your life (and, really, who couldn’t use a little more of that?!).


So, here are a few, powerful qualities, beyond the technical, that can make all the difference in reaching your goals and enhance your personal fulfillment along the way:




Being an eternal optimistic is one of the most fundamental traits to help you prosper in the beauty and wellness industry. Of course, life is imperfect, so you are bound to encounter periods of lull and declining revenues. However, the key to success lies in maintaining a positive attitude, recognizing when and how to make a shift, and not giving up in the face of adversity.


Stellar Work Ethic


Maintaining an ethical and amicable salon environment is a reputation builder of the best kind. It is necessary to be respectful, understanding, and empathetic towards your colleagues and your clients. Always maintain a professional and agreeable attitude while interacting with your customers.


Integrity & Trustworthiness


Be honest and sincere in your work. In order to build trust and credibility, it is imperative to be mindful of core values and principles, such as honesty, sincerity, morality, and uprightness. Never compromise on these virtues in order to achieve quick growth and instantaneous profits. Always focus on delivering what you promise to a client. Remember, it takes a lot of hard work to build trust and loyalty among customers to ensure that they keep coming back for your services.


Passion & Enthusiasm


As a member of a creative industry, you need to be thoroughly passionate about what you do. It is extremely important to enjoy your work and take pride in everything your profession entails. Your enthusiasm reflects in every haircut or skin treatment you perform. You must be passionate enough to overcome your anxiety or fear to fail. Invest time to find what inspires you and get inspired often.




Change is the only constant thing in life. With the advancements in the world of skin and hair care technologies and trends, the beauty and wellness industry is always evolving. In order to stay relevant in the market and the ever-changing needs of the consumers, you must be willing to adapt to the changing trends and embrace new technologies and skills with open arms. Commit to becoming a lifelong learner.


Work-Life Balance


Being a part of the beauty and wellness industry can be an extremely challenging and demanding job, especially during the peak hours and seasons. However, there’s certainly an art to maintaining a comfortable work-life balance.


Just as too much of anything can be harmful, working constantly can lead to high levels of anxiety and stress, taking a toll on your overall health. When the pressure feels unforgiving, it’s time to take a moment to take care of yourself first. Practice self-care, disconnect from technology, take some actual “me” time – find what “refills your cup” and repeat as necessary.


Banishing the Comfort Zone


You may get used to a certain way of working or a particular idea, but that doesn’t make it the “only way”. Try and do the needful by stepping out of your comfort zone. Be willing to go the extra mile just to put a smile on the face of your customer. You’ll learn to be resilient, prioritize wisely, and experience growth, both professionally and personally, all from removing yourself from the confines of your own box.


So, the bottom line is this: no matter what your role is in this incredible beauty and wellness industry, a great mindset/attitude sets you apart and accelerates your path to success.

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