Preparing Your Resume and Portfolio for the Interview

By: Nate Meador

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Getting ready for the interview is key to your future career. 

Where do I place an image or design on my resume?

The beauty and wellness industry is visually captivated.  When you are creating your resume it is acceptable to add 1 image such as your profile picture in the upper left corner.  

What about my portfolio?

In the beauty industry the portfolio is common to send with a resume and must be primarily visual with your best work, keep it clean and simple.  It is easy to download a template and fill in the blanks and you want to avoid template resumes or portfolios that have the designs already added as chances are the interviewer has already seen a few of those elements.  A key question to ask when creating today’s resume a

is how does this make me stand out and do I appear professional and open?

How do I prepare my resume and portfolio for the interview?

When you interview for a beauty and wellness job you need to cater to how the interviewer receives information and have both options available.  Before the interview send a PDF of your resume and portfolio all in one file along with links in the body of your email to any online profile you have created like at, print and bring the PDF of your resume and portfolio with you.  Creating a PDF can be accomplished on any word processing software available in today’s marketplace like Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, and Google Docs.  

What I need to know about my social media?

Update your social media channels to use the content you have gathered for your resume and portfolio to update your profile and add images to each platform as employers will check you out before the interview, consistency is key and you want your personal brand to stand out.  

Get feedback about how you are presenting yourself with your resume and portfolio from friends and especially your graphic design friend.  Take inventory of what is available for others to view on your social media and make changes to bring out the best in you, never leave someone guessing if they should hire you or not.  When you create a profile on Beauty Cast Network employers are able to view your resume, images of your work, experience, and interest in your profile.  Be sure to make it your style and keep it professional.

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