The Grass Can Be Greener On The Other Side

By: Allison Blair Gregg

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Increased awareness of the effects harsh dyes, synthetic perfumes and other chemically produced ingredients may have on our health, has caused a shift in the way consumers think when it comes to making choices about their beauty products.

Thankfully, some manufacturers have taken note of the growing number of beauty enthusiasts who are turning to alternative options that reflect a conscientious approach to everyday cosmetological needs.

Every day, new products boasting environmentally sound and/or ethically produced formulations flood the market. Beauty Cast Network has compiled a list of some of the top concerns faced by today’s conscientious client, as well as a few ways you can help them live their best while maintaining their commitment to making mindful choices.

Au Naturale

Nowadays, clients don't have to sacrifice looking good in order to uphold personal ideals and standards. Thankfully, there are a variety of products that are free from the following chemicals naturalistas try to avoid:

Parabens act as a preservative and keep bacteria out of your favorite tube of red lipstick or foundation. Why might your client want to avoid using products that contain it? Research hasn't been 100% conclusive but some studies have shown that parabens disrupt hormone production and traces of parabens have been found in cancerous breast tissues. Some consumers of beauty products steer clear of products that contain these particular preservatives with the hope they are limiting contact with suspected carcinogens.

Sulfates can be found in any product that cleanses and foams, like your favorite facial wash and even toothpaste. Even though these substances help skin and hair feel squeaky clean, they can sometimes strip our bodies of the naturally occurring oils that make strands silky smooth and skin supple and moisturized.  Many hair care clients are starting to ask for shampoos that are free from these potentially drying ingredients. 

Green: Color of the Year

Thankfully, manufacturers have acknowledged increasing trends and have specially formulated product lines that are vegan, cruelty free, environmentally and biologically-friendly.

 If your clients request services that meet any or all of their concerns, it helps to be knowledgeable and continue your beauty industry professional education by doing research on the companies and tools that address these ideals. Thinking green and marketing yourself as a makeup artist, hairstylist, nail artist or esthetician who addresses a variety of client concerns, will help boost profitability and visibility in the ever-expanding beauty industry market.



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