What Are My Career Options After I Am A Licensed Cosmetology Graduate?

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Cosmetology entails the study of various beauty treatments and is considered to be a type of science that deals with the physical appearance of an individual. While studying for a diploma in cosmetology, you will learn about all kinds of beauty therapies and treatments for the face, hair, nails and body. Cosmetologists are also considered to be experts in makeup and skincare.


There is no denying the fact that a career in the field of cosmetology could be very exciting. You are likely to interact with interesting people on a daily basis and may even help transform their appearance for the best. Of course, the salary or revenue earned in this type of profession is dependent on the work platform that you end up choosing. And you definitely have a lot of options.


Runway Stylist


If you were the kid who paraded in the backyard in your mom’s Marc Jacob boots, you were probably born to work on the fashion runways. Styling for fashion shows is an excellent way to showcase your skills as a hair, makeup and skin expert. You can collaborate with designers from all over the world and help give life to their vision! If fashion runways aren’t exactly your thing, you also have the option to work as an editorial or advertising stylist.


Product Showcase Artist


Ever heard of this term before? Well, a product showcase artist is a combination of several different professionals-teacher, expert stylist and live entertainer. This brilliant job will give you the opportunity to travel to several different locations and give an onstage performance at hair/beauty shows as well as other fun industry events. Such events are usually organized for demonstrating products and collections of popular brands. So you would need to be comfortable about being the center of attention!


Manager/Owner of a Salon


If performing, teaching or styling doesn’t satisfy you in the long run, you always have the option of opening your own beauty salon or becoming the manager of an existing one. This role is especially suitable for those who are natural leaders. And even if you don’t have a cracker business idea or lack adequate leadership skills, spending some good time in the industry will help you learn everything. As a salon manager or owner, you would need to take the responsibility of handling retail inventory, supervising training programs and ensuring that your salon customers are happy with the services they receive.


Image Consultant And Beauty Educator


If you’re someone who likes to offer guidance to people on how they can enhance their physical appearance with hair, make-up and skin makeovers, then you might like to consider a career as a beauty educator/teacher, author of articles and books or an image consultant.

Sharing your knowledge with budding cosmetologists can be an extremely satisfying career. And there are plenty of places where you can instruct students and artists: cosmetology institutes, salons, universities, colleges, workshops and so on.


Other Career Options For Cosmetologists


There is a high demand for make-up artists in the television, film and advertising industries. Cosmetologists can also find excellent jobs in high-end beauty salon as well as in luxury resorts and hotels. You can help your clients identify their individual hair and skin type and teach them how to buy and use different cosmetics and beauty products. As a licensed cosmetology graduate, you can also choose to work with skin clinics, beauty therapy institutes and hospitals.

There are an endless number of career paths that you can choose after getting a license in cosmetology. And all of them are extremely dynamic and progressive.

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