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A career in hair represents an incredible opportunity to possess real practical skills with fabulous earning potential and a platform to express your creativity. A Sassoon apprenticeship is recognized as the ultimate in industry training and offers the most comprehensive foundation available to aspiring hair professionals.

During a Sassoon apprenticeship, you are carefully guided through the Sassoon cutting or coloring techniques. Creative Directors will teach you to build your skills to the standard expected of a Sassoon hair professional while preparing you for a classic assessment that will demonstrate your readiness for a role on the Sassoon team.

Once qualified, your career with us could lead to you joining the renowned International Creative team, working on shows and events across the globe or adopting a management role, directing one of the prestigious Sassoon salons in the chicest cities in the world. You could also become a member of our full time education team, helping direct the careers of others or enjoy being a member of our creative cutting or coloring team in a fabulous Sassoon Salon in an exciting city location.

If you have the determination to succeed, excellent communication skills and endless enthusiasm, start your career with the best in the industry and join the world famous Sassoon Team.


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