10 $1,000 scholarships 


The scholarship recipient must be at least 18 years of age and a US citizen. The recipient must be a licensed cosmetologist who is a preferred / individual PBA member in good standing at the times of the scholarship application deadline and award. The scholarship will be forfeited if 1) the recipient fails to begin an eligible education program in the calendar year of the award; and/or 2) the recipient cannot be notified or fails to respond to the award notification; 3) the recipient fails to return the scholarship acceptance form within the time specified; 4) the recipient is no longer a PBA preferred / individual PBA member at the time of scholarship disbursement; and/or 4) the recipient fails to submit proof of enrollment, costs, and expenses as required. 


Write an essay on the continued education you want to pursue and why it will be an asset to your career. 

Submit a letter of recommendation from a licensed beauty professional. 


August 31, 2019.


To apply go to

For more information contact: Rachel Molepske at 480.455.3453 or email


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