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16101 Ventura Boulevard, #125, Encino, California 91436

Snip-its Haircuts for Kids is a unique family-friendly salon that combines specially trained stylists specializing in children’s hair care in a unique and entertaining environment. The concept behind Snip-its is simple. Our daily purpose is to provide top-quality haircuts in a safe, clean, and friendly environment – 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Children should leave Snip-its not only looking great, but also feeling great about themselves. Parents should leave Snip-its glowing with pride at how wonderful their child looks and at how positive their Snip-its experience was.

Snip-its Stylists must have a unique combination of skills and talents. First of all, they must be licensed cosmetologists with a special interest in children. Second, they must be committed to quality and excellence and “deliver magic” to each Snip-its customer. Third, they must be reliable, friendly, and trustworthy. Snip-its Stylists are nothing short of amazing!

Specific Responsibilities

In performing the duties of Hair Stylist at a Snip-its salon, the Stylist must undertake responsibilities including the following:

  • Perform technically accurate haircuts on all customers.

  • Interact with customers in a positive and friendly way that generates customer loyalty.

  • Offer age-appropriate Snip-its Play Station games and stories to all customers.

  • Offer distractions, where appropriate, to ease children through a haircut.

  • Perform all services in a timely manner, maintaining a productivity quota of three cuts per hour.

  • Educate customers on hair care and grooming habits, encouraging them to maintain their hairstyles at home using Snip-its products.

  • Assist customers in retail selection and purchases.

  • Up-sell Snip-its services, such as birthday parties, add-on’s, spa-style treats, etc.

  • Promote marketing initiatives, as directed by the franchisee and/or salon<


16101 Ventura Boulevard, #125, Encino, California 91436

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