10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Beauty School Experience

By: Carol Woodard

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Before you land that perfect job, you’ve got to graduate. You may think you’re ready now, but one day you’ll look back and wish you had soaked up beauty school just a bit more. Here are 10 things every student needs to do:

1. Be there. Attendance is the number one reason students test poorly and don’t graduate on time. Make an effort to be punctual every day.

2. Come to learn. Learn something new each day. If you think you know it all, you’ll never learn a thing. Come to class focused and with an open mind.

3. Ask questions. If you have a question, speak up. It’s easier to admit you don’t know something as a student, rather than waiting until you’re in your first job and having to ask your boss.

4. Make mistakes. If you’re going to make mistakes, it’s better to make them in school. Messing up or failing a test isn’t the end of the world—they’re learning opportunities. Make them, learn from them and move on.

5. Respect your coach. Educators are there to help you, guide you and mold you into a professional. Trust me when I say this—they’re on your team and they want you to succeed. Respect them as a coach and let them help you.

6. Stay away from drama. Every classroom and every workplace will have people that create and feed into drama. Don’t be one of them. Avoid situations like this. They never end well.

7. Be business-minded. Learn time management, budgeting, social media, customer service, and other skills that you can add to your resume. Being well-rounded and multi-faceted will help you land a job and grow a business.

8. Don’t wait until graduation to get connected. Go to industry events, visit salons, and make online connections. If you do this as a student, you’ll have opportunities waiting for you at graduation.

9. Prep for the board, but focus on the “after.” Although you need to pass your state board exam, you won’t be successful if you’ve just memorized possible test answers. Make sure your focus is on how to be a working professional.

10. Remember your why. Every student hits a wall—some sooner than others and some multiple times. Remembering why you enrolled and why you love this industry will get you through these trials. Write down your why and look at it often.


Carol Woodard has helped thousands of students reach their dream of becoming successful in the beauty industry—while continuing to inspire the teachers who educate them. She is Chairperson for the Career Educators Alliance (CEA) and her public speaking engagements have gained national attention. To book Carol for an event, a school visit or to read weekly tips for educators on her blog, visit www.Carol-Woodard.com

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