6 "Tried and True" Methods for Acquiring More Customers

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Regardless of whether you are new to the beauty industry or already have years of experience in running a salon, building your clientele is the key to being successful in this business. Acquiring new customers that rely on your brand and return for your services is imperative for steady growth.


Considering the level of competition in the market, building clientele for your salon can be challenging. However, by exercising patience and following these smart marketing tips, you can efficiently attract new customers to your salon and ensure that they keep coming back for your services.


Focus on the Ideal Client


One of the most common mistakes many salon marketers make is investing their time, energy, and money in attracting the wrong clientele. Your ideal client is not the one who simply walks in the door with the aim of spending money. Instead, your ideal client is the one that’s a perfect fit for your salon’s location, facilities, talents, specializations, and strengths. Such a client will not only love your services and buy regularly from you but also will be easy to service and more likely to refer you to their near and dear ones.


Establish an Attractive Loyalty Program


Offering a solid loyalty program to your clients is one of the best ways of both attracting and retaining new customers for repeat services. If you already have an existing loyalty program, try upgrading it with features that are more likely to appeal to your customers. In addition to offering exciting offers and promotions, your loyalty program may also include a reward point system to ensure that your clients keep coming back to you for redeeming the rewards.


Offer Incentives for Referrals


A happy customer is one of the best ambassadors to market your business to his or her family and friends. As such, it is a great idea to create an incentive program for your existing customers who refer your brand to attract new members to your salon. Every time a new customer drops in for your services through a referral, the referring client earns a reward, such as a complimentary treatment or product.


Discover your Market Potential on Social Media


One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of reaching out to a massive potential market is networking on the social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram. There are several ways of marketing your brand online by way of blogs, posts, videos, and attractive ad campaigns that are viewed, potentially, by millions of online users.


Encourage Client Reviews


In this digital age, a majority of the internet users look to client reviews to gauge a salon’s potential and make suitable purchase decisions based on what the previous customers have to say about your business. As such, it is highly recommended to encourage your current customers to write reviews about their experiences with your salon on your website and other social media portals where you might be registered.


Hand out Business Cards


While this strategy might seem too “old-school”, distributing your business cards among your visiting customers is a smart way of getting more business through new walk-ins. You can get customized business cards printed for each of your stylists, who then simply hand them out to their clients and encourage them to pass them on to new customers who might need a great haircut or a spa service.


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