How To Prepare For a Hairstylist Interview

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You used our tips to write an amazing hairstylist resume which got you a job interview at a salon. Congratulations! But there are still some crucial steps you have to take before you can step behind the chair. Here are 5 great tips to help prepare you for the job interview.

1. Research the Salon. Check out their website and any social media pages they have. Try to get a better feel of what their culture is and would it match your own style. If you know who is going to interview you, try to learn more information about them. See if you have any connections that know them and might be able to put in a good word for you.

You don’t want to go to an interview without knowing anything about the salon you’re interviewing with. Have a general idea of the background.

2. Have Questions. Interviews aren’t only just to see if an employer wants to hire you, it’s also time for you to see if you want to work for that salon. You shouldn’t ask questions about pay or benefits during the interview (those can are questions you ask after they’ve offered to hire you). But do ask about continuing education, opportunities for development, and what a typical day is like.

3. Be Prepared to Answer Certain Questions. There are sets of questions that will probably be asked in any interview. “Tell me about yourself, why should we hire you,” and tricky questions like “What was the worst job you had?” You can’t be prepared for every question you might be asked. But knowing the types of questions that will be asked and how to answer them will make the interview process go a lot smoother.

The biggest tip is to never answer in a negative way. Try to spin all answers into a positive light. Visit the’s article on how to answer top interview questions for more information.

These next two tips are about what you should do the day of the interview. And they are probably the most important on this list.

4. Show Up. You would not believe how many stylists submit a resume, contact the salon manager or owner, set up an interview, and don’t show up. If you can’t make the interview, call the owner. Tell them why you can’t make it. At the very least it shows that you care about their time. Not showing up to the interview not only eliminates you for that job, but could also hurt your chances for any future jobs. You don’t want to be known as the stylist who won’t show up for an interview.

5. Arrive on Time. Not just show up to the interview, you should be there at least 15 minutes early. Your interview sets the standard for how you’ll be as an employee. Showing up late means you aren’t dependable and don’t take your job or career seriously. By arriving early, it sends the message that you care and should be taken seriously.

These are only 5 tips on interview prep, but there are other ways to prepare for an interview including making sure your outfit looks the part. Check back often for more interview tips and comment below with any suggestions you have on how to prep for the interview.

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