A Daily Dose of Internal Motivation

By: Rachel Carpenter

Motivating yourself from within is one of the most important parts of developing motivation! Looking for motivation from the outside is great- but those external things may not last forever. Having them on the inside is much more valuable, as you will always have yourself! But how do we build this inner motivation? Here are a few tips! 

1. Set Personal Goals

  • By setting personal goals, you are driving yourself towards something that started from within! Having these personal goals will help you to stay on track when other things may be chaotic! These will remind you to stay the course when times are tough, rather than falling to the wayside because you have nothing to work towards. 

2. Only Allow Positivity 

  • By listening to podcasts that promote positivity, surrounding yourself with those who encourage your growth, and reading motivating material is a great way to keep pursuing your goals. When the information and words you hear externally are positive it is easier to keep internally motivated! 

3. Keep an Accountability Partner 

  • By having someone to be there for you and remind you of your goals when things get difficult you are much more likely to stay internally motivated. By having positive reinforcements and people to help you stand strong, no matter what, staying motivated from the inside is less difficult! 

Keeping all of these things in mind can make internal motivation a breeze! 

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