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Key Things to Remember While Defining Success as a Stylist

When you are a professional in the beauty industry, one of the most important lessons that you can learn is that success is subjective. Instead of comparing your milestones and achievements to those of other professionals, you should realize just how important it is to define your version of success. 

Defining success as a stylist is all about being aware of your skills and potential. But in addition, you must also set goals for yourself, making sure to adopt realistic, scalable and measurable strategies to achieve these goals. A successful stylist knows when to say no and is always improving their self, in both professional settings and personal life. 

If you have just begun in the industry, it is necessary to define success on your terms, early on in your career. We easily fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to other professionals, but we must keep in mind that in the beauty industry the biggest competition is who we were yesterday.

We must think of all these traits as our tools. Like hammers and screwdrivers make a construction worker more proficient at their job, these things can help you better perform in yours! On that note, here are some of those essential ‘tools’ to have:

  • Set clear and realistic goals 

The first thing to remember is to lay down clear and realistic goals for your career. For example, you may want to get promoted in your salon after a few months, or you may have a target regarding the number of clients you work one every week or month. You may even have a long-term goal, such as owning your very own salon. Whatever your goal may be, make sure that you work hard towards making it become a reality. Make your goals in the shape of a staircase; as you achieve one goal, move on to the next, with each one becoming slightly more difficult than the last. This is a methodical way to ensure that your goals are not only attainable, but also are pushing you further as a stylist. 

  • Have a strong work ethic 

As a professional in the beauty industry, it is crucial that you set your own standards. Sure, your salon may have standards, and you may be required to meet these, but you must also ensure that you do not meet these standards just for the sake of following the rules. You have to view these standards as a way to challenge yourself and improve your skills. You are not doing these things for others, but rather the betterment of yourself. When you embrace these standards as your own, it becomes much easier to have a clear vision of where you want to be in your career. It is also a way to guarantee quality service, every single time.  

  • Do not forget to set boundaries 

While setting goals is important, it is equally important to set boundaries. In other words, you should know when it is the appropriate time to say no. Getting out of your comfort zone is undoubtedly critical for growth and development, but it is also necessary that you are realistic. For instance, if you are asked to do a style that is way above your skill level, it is better to simply turn it down rather than working on a client, without knowledge of what you’re doing. They will be more pleased that you were honest with them about your capabilities than they would be if they were to receive poor services. Moreover, when you already carrying a heavy load, and you take on more in addition to what you’re already struggling with, the quality of your output will only suffer.

  • Find a suitable mentor for you

Having a mentor that is the right fit for you can be life-changing. Whether this mentor is from your salon or elsewhere, having someone that you admire and can go to when you are in need of guidance or advice is priceless for professionals. 

You need a mentor who understands your goals and vision, inspires you to be a better version of yourself, and who has years of experience and can share their expertise with you. A mentor that fits none of these qualities can be counterproductive; maybe they are not the type of professional you really need to idolize. 

  • Always be professional

Finally, remember to exhibit professional behavior with everyone you come into contact with. The simple act of being respectful to others and putting client service and satisfaction above your pride will carry you great lengths in your career. You need to understand that being a stylist is about marketing and selling yourself as much as it is about the beauty industry. 

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