Achievement Doesn't Have to Weigh You Down!

By: Rachel Carpenter

Achievement is overall a great thing. We should pursue success in all avenues, especially our careers! But we should never let this drive for results cloud our judgment—success is not more important than your mental health or happiness. One should never push themselves to succeed to such a degree that they become unhappy. By overachieving to this extent, you are doing yourself a major disservice. No matter the client, no matter the salon—no matter anything! Success should not break you down—it should build you up.


This week, we are going to go over a few ways to practice healthy success!  


1.     View your colleagues as acquaintances or friends rather than competitors

·      By seeing those you work with as those you’re competing with, you are pushing towards success in an unhealthy way. You are all doing similar things for the good of your clients and to make a living.

·      Creating a tense and cut-throat work environment makes it more difficult to get out of bed in the mornings. It can be really depressing to be around people all day that you see only to compete.

·      It’s not necessary to be friends with your colleagues- but it is necessary for your interactions with them to be polite and somewhat easy-going.

·      Measuring your success alongside colleagues' is a recipe for disaster. View these people positively or don’t think about them at all. Obsessing over the results and comparing your clients to those of your peers only makes you feel worse as a stylist and a person.


2.     Comparison is the thief of joy

·      It is important to keep that age-old saying in your mind- the grass is always greener on the other side. As long as you are comparing yourself to others you will never be satisfied

·      By constantly thinking about how you WISH you had this individual’s skills or this individual’s client book, you are forgetting the things about you that make you a wonderful stylist- and person!

·      Achievement begins with utilizing the skills you have and developing them, rather than constantly wishing for what you don’t possess.


3.     Never forget what compelled you to be a stylist

·      Always keep in mind the emotion that drove you to towards your profession; let it motivate you to put care into the process.

·      Forgetting what makes you passionate about your job and what makes you feel connected to your profession isn’t a good plan for achievement.


4.     Don’t put your self-worth in your career

·      What you do in your job and the success you have does not define you as a person.

·      Enjoying success is one of the best feelings in the entire world. But we can’t enjoy success all the time.

·      Realize that everyone will experience failure- if everyone experiences it, it can’t be that bad!


It can be difficult to realize but success is never constant. Achievement does not last forever- and the great feeling that comes with it leaves even faster. Pushing yourself so hard that the joy of your win doesn’t measure up to the pain that it took to get there is a dead-end. Keep these few things in mind and keep success in perspective and victory will feel so much sweeter!


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