Achievement in Perspective

By: Rachel Carpenter

Achievement cannot be viewed through one lens. Achievement is measurable—there are so many different levels and definitions of success. When we view achievement as only one thing—maybe making a great deal of money or buying a very expensive vehicle, we are losing sight of the many smaller forms of success that we weren’t even looking for, such as maybe getting a new client or mastering a tricky skill. These don’t seem like a huge deal but in the grand scheme of things they contribute more to your success than you realize. Maybe you won’t ever live in a Beverly Hills mansion or drive a Maserati. Maybe you eventually will. Regardless of the monetary outcome, success is measured more by all the little things that happened along the way than it is the end result. As a stylist, it is very important to keep this in mind. Here are a few tips to keep that concept in perspective and value your personal success!


1.     Keep a Growth Mindset

 You may be wondering what a growth mindset even is! A growth mindset is the idea that our abilities can develop and grow with hard work and determination. By having a growth mindset, it is easier to feel like everything that happens (good or bad) is meant to grow you towards success. When one has this outlook on life, it is much harder for failure to stifle them. We may get caught feeling like failure has ruined our chance of making it to what we think is achievement. But with a growth mindset, we realize that we are on our own journey to personal success and that this failure may have slowed us, but that it won’t stop us from achieving what we want out of our career.


2.     Map Out Your Long-Term Goals

 Many people seem to have similar goals in life—to make money. But is that really all we want to do? Yes, money is absolutely necessary to our existence, but it shouldn’t be all that we strive for. It is important to decide what you want to achieve personally. Maybe you want to own your own salon. You could be working to have a certain number of clients. Or possibly desire to put your children through school. There are so many different goals and achieving them can lead to so many different successes. Decide what you want to work towards. It may change, but at least you have something to strive for.


3.     Achievement is a Ladder- not an Elevator

There is no simple way to success. There’s no pressing of a single button and immediately rising to the top. As a stylist, you must view your achievement as a ladder, with each rung bringing you closer and closer to the top. Each rung represents a small victory that brings you a step closer to the end goal. That rung could be a new client. It could be a bonus on your salary. Anything that brings you closer to what you define as success. Other people may accomplish completely different things that bring them closer to what they want to do in life. There’s no need for comparison because achievement is so broad. Keep your eyes on your prize and be willing to wait!


As you can see, achievement is personal and NOT general. There is no one single thing that every person considers “achievement.” We all have different jobs and different paths. Even within the beauty industry, there are different definitions of success. The person in the chair next to you may have a completely different goal than you. Keeping a growth mindset, mapping out your long-term goals and understanding that achievement isn’t immediate are all ways to view success through your own lens, rather than through everyone else’s!

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