Beauty Is Not Your Side Hustle

By: BCN Communications

Category: Professionals, Students

We’re saying it a little louder for the ones in the back – the career of hairstyling, barbering, nails, makeup, or massage is not your side hustle. You did not invest thousands of dollars on a side hustle. You spent it on an education for a great career.

Remember the reasons why you wanted to get into this field. You’re creative, hardworking, and recognize beauty and potential in the world around you. The talents you worked so hard to master in school should be what you focus on now.

Why do so many professionals enter this industry and only give it partial attention? Some don’t see the “big picture” of what they could be. This is a billion dollar industry that has so many opportunities. Who knows where you could go? The trouble is that you’ll never achieve these dreams by giving your craft and your career limited attention.

Other professionals are afraid they won’t be able to support themselves only working this one job. They see the costs of adulthood and are instantly insecure about their career choice. So beauty becomes something practiced on the side to bring in some extra cash. Maybe they rent a booth or they’re working out of their home.

You can bypass all of this. There are plenty of ways to build beauty into a very profitable career. Why don’t you examine your career path and the different options you have on getting into the industry? You can work for a chain salon that has walk-in traffic that will allow you to perfect your skills and speeds. Or become an apprentice to someone that’s already established in their career. Ask around and see how other professionals got their start and how they found success.

To have true success in any industry you have to be willing to give 100%. Presidents and CEOs didn’t get to their positions by working part-time in their fields. You’re the boss of your own career and you decide how successful you’ll be. We have to let go of the mindset that this is just a part-time job when it’s really a lifelong career and should be treated as such.

Don’t wait to get started on your career. You have the education, now is the time to begin working your plan. Career success isn’t something that happens overnight. With persistence, you can overcome any obstacle in your path. If you keep hitting the brick wall eventually you will break through. Don’t give up.

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