Being a TEAM Stylist!

By: Rachel Carpenter

Being a team stylist can mean many different things! Doing one’s job as a stylist or member of the beauty industry can feel quite individual. You must possess individual skills, practice on your own, and book your own appointments to truly succeed. But just because it feels more individual, doesn’t mean you aren’t a part of a team! Your co-workers and fellow beauty professionals can be a team of encouragers, helpers and role models. All you have to do is serve alongside them! Having this support system and group of people to lift you up makes an individual career feel like you are a part of something bigger than just you!


But how does one person buy into this team-mindset? Here are a few tips!


Be There For Your Co-Workers!

  • The people around you are a huge part of your work environment! While it is very important to focus on your individual positivity and success, it is good to check in on others! Being an encourager for someone who is down, being a helper to those who have made mistakes and being honest with those who need to hear it can make for a positive team environment. Being there for others also helps create a culture in which every individual is there to help others- no matter which person it may be! Having this makes your co-workers feel like a true team, and at times like a small family!

Do Your Part!

  • Being a part of a team means that everyone pulls their own weight to accomplish a great goal! It doesn’t mean that one can slack in their work or tasks because they know that their team members will work to make up for it. There are moments to rely on your teammates, but reliability is what MAKES a good team member. Reliably doing your job! Reliably being present! Reliably being on time! Doing your part and keeping up your individual tasks makes the team’s overall mission much easier to accomplish!

Be Engaged!

  • Everyone notices the ‘cancer to the team’. The ‘weak link’. Or the one that simply ‘doesn’t care’. Being that person makes being a part of a team so much more difficult. People don't trust an individual who doesn’t buy into what the rest of the team wants to accomplish. Being apathetic, doing the bare minimum and lacking enthusiasm about your job and the team environment causes others to feel this way and can ruin the positive culture of a salon! Buying in and staying positive despite hardship and being enthusiastic about what you and your colleagues can accomplish is a huge win!

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