Being Open with Ourselves!

By: Rachel Carpenter

ACT 2 Topic / Week 2: OPENNESS 

Idea —> being open with yourself is important to your confidence and perception of yourself

Last week, we talked about being open with others about who you truly are. But how can you be open with those on the outside if you can’t be honest with yourself? You can’t— it’s almost impossible to be authentic and open with others if you aren’t even doing that for yourself. 

I recently learned about something called the Johari window. This is a communication concept that helps people to better understand their relationships with themselves and others. 

Here is a diagram of the Johari window:


The diagram outlines that there are things that you know and don’t know about yourself, as well as things others know and don’t know about you. In being open with ourselves, we will be looking at two specific parts of the Johari window. These are the things that you don’t know about yourself, but that others know (the BLIND SPOT), and the things that you don’t know about yourself and that others don't know about you either (the UNKNOWN). 

With both of these, there are aspects of yourself that you have yet to pick up on. With the Blind Spot, you may not be aware of these traits, but those you are around have noticed. This can be scary, as it’s difficult to think that others may know you better than you know yourself. With the Unknown, it’s terrifying to think that you have lived as long as you have and there are still things that both you and no one in the rest of the world don’t know about who you are. Both situations are a little unsettling to think about, but being open with yourself can ease this feeling.

It is always important to be unbiased in how we look at ourselves. If we are objectively looking for our identity and looking to be honest with ourselves about what we may discover we will find so much more. 

By being open, we may discover great things about who we are that we never noticed. Such as being generous with time or compassionate to others. But we also may notice our shortfalls. Maybe we struggle with lying or can come across as arrogant. There are positive and negative aspects of every person; that’s just a fact of life. We must embrace the good things and try to work on the things that may be a little yucky. But how must we be thankful for the good and work on the bad, if we aren’t open with ourselves to find the traits that make us who we are? Again, it’s nearly impossible. 

Being honest with yourself gives you a better look at what makes you the person you are. We should all be comfortable in our own skin and the first step to that is being open with yourself. If who you are is found by looking through a window, you should be first in line. 

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