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Look for a legend and you’ll find a learner. Across the beauty and wellness industry – from hairstylists to nail professionals, makeup artists to estheticians – the most successful beauty and wellness professionals invest in their careers through education. Hair shows, competitions, Youtube videos and Instagram are just a few resources that challenge beauty professionals to take their craft to the next level.

But have you ever considered a beauty and wellness scholarship? Perhaps you’ve heard about the Beauty Changes Lives Foundation which awards tuition scholarships and mentoring opportunities to beauty school students. One of the best kept secrets in beauty education is that scholarships are also available for the licensed beauty professional.

Beauty Cast caught up with Lynelle Lynch, president of the Beauty Changes Lives Foundation and owner and president of Bellus Academy, to learn about advanced education scholarship opportunities available through the Foundation.

Beauty Cast: What prompted Beauty Changes Lives to create scholarships for the licensed professional?

Lynelle Lynch: Crafting the basic scholarships and mentoring opportunities for the Beauty Changes Lives Foundation, we worked with some of beauty’s most iconic personalities. And we found a common denominator that distinguished leaders in the industry – professional education. Similarly, as we identified legends to receive the annual Legacy Award presented at the Beauty Changes Lives Experience, we realized that while these legends’ styles and career paths varied, they all viewed themselves as students of their craft.

Beauty Cast: Who are some of the legends in the beauty industry that serve as role models for professional education?

Lynelle Lynch: The list is endless and spans sectors of the industry. The first Beauty Changes Lives Advanced scholarship introduced in 2013 celebrates Vidal Sassoon’s lifelong passion for education. Leo Passage believed so strongly in education that he founded a school and curriculum. During his service as a Beauty Changes Lives Ambassador, celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson shared his passion for education and continues to lead Ted Gibson Academy programs. CND’s co-founder and style director Jan Arnold’s passion for learning helped CND revolutionize the nail industry with the introduction of Shellac. And our 2016 Legacy honoree, Dr. Howard Murad’s quote, “Replenish your passion” celebrates the energy and renewal that comes when we invest in ourselves.

Beauty Cast: What kinds of scholarships are available for licensed professionals?

Lynelle Lynch: The Beauty Changes Lives Foundation offers advanced scholarships for licensed hairstylists as well as nail professionals.

  • The Vidal Sassoon Professional Beauty Education Scholarship Advanced Program awards licensed hairstylists with a five-day learning experience at a Sassoon Academy in North America. The scholarship includes the cost of the program and travel expenses, up to a combined $5,000.

  • The Leo Passage Scholarship for cosmetology and barbering professionals offers an experiential element that is ideal for hairstylists hoping to work in editorial or fashion runway environments. Targeting newcomers with one to five years’ industry experience, the scholarship includes a 5-day learning experience at America’s Beauty Show in Chicago. Working with some of the industry’s most elite brands, scholarship winners create hair designs reflecting a provocative theme, participate in a professional photo shoot, then see their work hit the runway during the Beauty Changes Lives Experience.

  • The CND Advanced Scholarship is the Foundation’s newest Advanced scholarship. Introduced in 2017, the Scholarship awards each winner $1,000 toward an advanced education experience.  

Beauty Cast: How does the application process work?

Lynelle Lynch: Each scholarship competition features unique application criteria. The Vidal Sassoon Professional Beauty Education and Leo Passage Scholarship competitions feature online video applications. The CND Advanced Scholarship can be applied for via essay, inspiration board or video.

Beauty Cast: Who judges the scholarship winners?

Lynelle Lynch: Beauty Changes Lives selects elite professionals from throughout the industry to review the applications which are scored. The Beauty Changes Lives Foundation manages scoring and announces the winners.

Beauty Cast: What do judges look for when evaluating applications?

Lynelle Lynch: While each scholarship is built around distinct criteria, all of the competitions include an element that asks the applicant to address how education will change his or her life. We recommend applicants check out examples of winning submissions on the Beauty Changes Lives website. For each competition, applicants can see previous winners’ entries and even learn tips to wow the judges!

Beauty Cast: Where can licensed beauty professionals learn more?

Lynelle Lynch: Information about all of the Beauty Changes Lives scholarships including application dates and criteria is available on the Beauty Changes Lives website’s Scholarships at a Glance page.  

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