Building Self-Confidence is a Rewarding Process!

By: Rachel Carpenter

We’ve talked a great deal this month about the importance of self-confidence. We even mentioned a few tips on how to integrate it into your life. But what can really help you to build confidence? What practices will make self-confidence one of your traits, both in and out of the workplace? This week we want to look at building self-confidence.


The definition of building is to “construct something by putting parts or material together over a period of time.” Looking at the very definition, building self-confidence will require you to put different parts and materials together to create this characteristic. Use your strengths and capabilities to create this feeling inside of you. You may have never been confident as a whole, but there are things about you—that you have done or that you have been a part of—that cause you to feel a type of pride. Use all of these instances to remind yourself that you are capable of great things and will go on to do great things if you only keep this positive mindset. Bad things do happen; it’s just a fact of life. But if you do not make a habit of repeating the bad or dwelling on it, you can still build self-confidence!


But all of that seems really big picture, right? You may be wondering what specific ways there are to begin building self-confidence. Let’s look at a few specific ways to build develop this trait:

  • Give yourself affirmations!
    • There are so many great things that you may do… but you don’t give them any attention! In your mind, all of the good may pale in comparison to what you dislike. But in the end, all of the positive things about you shouldn’t be ignored! Affirmations are little phrases to remind yourself that you are valuable. For example, tell yourself: I am enough. I am fearless. I am powerful. All of these are great ways to personally build yourself up.


  • Do one thing that scares you every single day!

Making a conscious effort to push past your limits is a great way of showing you how capable you are of success! For example, maybe in the nail salon, you work at you have a co-worker who seems very lonely. It may scare you but working up the nerve to ask them how their day is going reminds you that you are a caring person. It also tells your co-worker that someone has taken the time to notice them despite how lonely they feel. This can boost both your self-confidence AND theirs! Pushing past the limits that you create for yourself is a HUGE confidence builder. 

  • Start questioning what prevents you from being confident!
    • There may be a little voice inside your head telling you that you’re wrong or that you are second-rate or whatever it may be saying. But what about the voice that’s telling you that you’re a wonderful stylist that you’re talented, that you can get any career that you want? Maybe you can’t hear it because the negativity is so loud! Start questioning yourself when you get down or when you aren’t valuing who you are and seeing the importance of hyping yourself up!


           Also, in the definition of building, is the phrase “over a period of time”. When building self-confidence, it is important to realize that this may not be a quick and easy process. Self-confidence is a wonderful thing but the journey to it may be long and, at times, difficult. When we realize that this may take a great deal of time or effort on our part, we should not immediately give up! Persevere in your journey towards developing this trait—it will change your entire outlook on life. Having a love for and pride in yourself changes how you view relationships, jobs, and even the world around you. Be willing to put that time in; immediate, quick, and easy isn’t usually the answer to long-term problems.


           In conclusion, building self-confidence may come at a price. You may have to do some digging in your life experiences for positivity and happy moments that you’ve never taken the time to do. There are some specific changes you may have to make in your lifestyle. It may not come as quickly for you as you would hope. But in the end, building self-confidence is absolutely worth it! You may not be seeing a shiny new building, but you will for sure have a new, positive outlook on yourself.


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