Career Management without a Career!

By: Rachel Carpenter

Many times when we hear the words, career management, we fall under the impression that one must HAVE a career to develop this trait. But often the path is a little muddy. We may not know which decision we will make, what we want to do with our education or training, or if we can even be employed. In a tough and competitive job market unemployment can seem never-ending or getting your credentials can seem useless. But we have to keep going!

Career management starts the moment you decide to start making moves in the general direction of where you want to be. This may seem confusing; the word management makes one feel that they have to have everything under control. But having things all under control and developing good strategies towards building a career out of your education and training don’t always look the same. This process can be messy, chaotic and stressful! While it doesn’t always look pretty, there are a few tips to making career management a priority, no matter what the circumstances may be! 

  1. Stay Enthusiastic!
  • Being enthusiastic about what opportunities you may have, or despite the opportunities you might not have, is a great way to keep motivated and on the right track towards career management. For example, maybe you got 4 interviews at salons in your area that you are really excited about pursuing a career with. Stay enthusiastic at every single interview. It doesn’t matter if you got the job on the first interview or if it’s your fourth one and you’ve had no success so far, you have to keep the energy up! You never know what could be the opportunity of a lifetime. Staying enthusiastic about whatever is to come is a great way to manage your career, even if you don’t have a career. 

  1. Stay Updated!
  • Stay updated on all the opportunities in the areas you’re looking at wanting to work or ways you want to grow yourself! This can be through word of mouth or digitally. Talk to your instructors in beauty school and ask about the opportunities they know of. There is a network of beauty professionals and educators in almost any given area! Stay up to date on your LinkedIn- always finding new connections and locating events. There are many online classes and digital badging/certification courses available. Making yourself a more marketable individual by being informed of ways to grow is a good means of developing career management!

  1. Stay Open-Minded!
  • You never know what opportunities may come your way. Getting your dream job may require you to change cities or your first job offer may not seem as glamorous as you imagined. There are many twists and turns on the road towards career management. By being open-minded you aren’t shutting yourself off from ways you could be growing in your career and pursuing your end goal. What if moving to this new area completely changes your life or working in that simple job allows you to meet the person that will one day be your boss at the job of a lifetime. You simply never know what could come of the opportunities that look so undesirable at the time. Stay ready and stay open- career management doesn’t always look promising! 

By staying enthusiastic, staying updated, and staying open-minded we can really promote career management in our lives without even currently having a career. Getting a job can seem tough but keeping these skills in your back pocket can make it much simpler. 

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