The Importance of Client Retention

By: Peter Rosas

We, as stylists, define the success of our careers with how many clients we see. Your retention numbers are based on how many come back over and over. If you see 100 people and 90 come back in 6 weeks, then pat yourself on the back. If you do that every month, you are well on your way to a good career.

It all comes down to how much you produce, as well as how much revenue you bring in and create for the salon. Tickets are created with a base service. For example, let’s say a haircut with blow-dry is $40 and it takes you 45 minutes. If you do 10 haircuts a day, then you have generated $400 for that day to the salon, as well as a percentage of it for yourself. But what if you applied a conditioner that will benefit the client’s hair or serviced hair color for an added fee? Let’s say that conditioner costs the client $10, $20 or $30 for a 5-minute treatment. Even at the cheapest price of $10 on 10 people, that is an extra $100 a day. If you work five days a week at an extra $50 a day, you’ve added $250 to your ticket total a week, or in other words, an extra $1000 a month! The sky is the limit! This is simple arithmetic: I can promise you that I am no math major, but I still find this easy to understand. I’m encouraging you to think outside of the box. Whether it’s highlights, gloss treatments or that special conditioner, it all adds up to money in your pocket.

You will hear stylists say that they’re not ‘salespeople’ and that they don’t know how to sell retail. I would disagree with these individuals. A stylist sells both services and time— therefore, selling products that are better than drug store or supermarket products should be important to you.  

When you use a system like ClientAssistPro, the benefit is through creating client profiles that remind you what you of what you charged or the services provided to any given client. These notes can keep you on track in maintaining your service totals. 

Diligence in getting your clients’ contact information, such as email or phone number, can be an advantage to your business. Putting that information in the app or service you are using allows your database or client profile to become even more efficient and, with that, more profitable.  

You will watch your number climb, making your day at work a great deal happier.  


Peter Rosas, has been a Hairstylist for 40 years. He is a published author, and the Founder of ClientAssist Pro (based in Scottsdale, Arizona).

Peter originally started his career with Vidal Sassoon’s in Beverly Hills, before transferring to the San Francisco salon. Later he worked for Martin Parson’s educational team, as both a teacher and show producer. He likes to say that he has ‘seen it all’


He understands the joy of being an independent stylist or salon owner, but also what it means to be an employee. He knows the importance of growing a personal brand, and, with the use of one of his many apps, his goal is to teach you how simple it can be to grow your business.

Peter has a desire to move the industry forward. His down-to-earth teaching style makes him a superb and approachable business personality in the beauty industry.

His goal is to assist independent service providers in growing their business and simplifying their professional lives, all while increasing business visibility and earnings. One of Peter’s mottos is: “If you don’t have a client profile and record system, you don’t have a business.”

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