Client-Stylist Conversations: Topics to Avoid Behind the Chair

By: BCN Communications

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The relationship between a client and a beauty professional can be a tricky one. If you have a regular client who has been faithfully coming to you for your services for a long time, then it is likely that you have shared many things with each other during those one or two hours they sit in your chair for appointments.


This client-stylist relationship is certainly important, considering that trust is a key factor when it comes to receiving personal service and choosing a professional to alter outward appearance. When communication flows more smoothly and openly, a certain level of comfort is established, leading to better end results.


While relationship building is very important, so is maintaining your professionalism. Your clients are not your friends. As such, the conversation you share should pleasant, interesting, and appropriate for a professional setting.


Time in the salon is a welcome reprieve for your guests, so help preserve it. To keep things moving in the right direction, here are a few general conversation areas that you’ll want to avoid:


Salon Gossip


Ever feel like you’re being flooded with a constant flow of drama? Whether it’s social media or ‘reality’ television, we’ve slowly become accustomed to dishing the dirt. While it can be incredibly tempting to channel your inner Andy Cohen, it’s not your job.


Salon gossip is already toxic. Spreading it to your guests is unacceptable. Not only have you portrayed your entire salon as a very unprofessional setting where workers are nothing more than a dysfunctional, fractured team, but you’ve also spoken volumes about your own judgment and reliability.


Politics & Religion


Matters of faith and personal belief can be contentious conversations. Heavy and deeply personal, perspectives can clash & emotions may run high.  Political opinion can bring out the passion in even the most mild-mannered person, and, honestly, a full salon news channel-style debate panel is not going to end well. As a spectacular stylist, it’s your responsibility to gently reroute to topics that are a bit lighter.




Money is not typically a “warm and fuzzy” conversation. In fact, it’s a topic most people are just not comfortable with, even with those who they are closest. Chances are, you and your client are not close enough to freely discuss personal finances with each other. No matter how you slice it, money talk comes off as desperate or braggy. So, remove the worry and move the conversation along to a brighter subject.


Personal Life


Some beauty professionals make the mistake of the overshare, divulging too much about their personal experiences in an attempt to make their client more comfortable or just out of nervous habit. This could do more damage than work in your favor because as mentioned before, it is highly unprofessional to unload your problems and other events in your life to a client that you are providing your professional service to in your workplace. 


Always keep in mind that your clients come to you to have a good, relaxing, and peaceful time. For many, time at the salon is almost meditative, a space free from worry and full of pampering. Focus on helping your guests make the most of their experience by guiding the conversation away from anything that would detract from the stellar services that you provide.


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