Communicating Through a Consultation

By: Ivan Zoot AKA ClipperGuy

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In the beauty industry, understanding & being understood will be vital to your success in building business and satisfying customers. When it comes to consultations, no communication is more important.  


Here are my top five tips for effective communication in the consultation: 


Listen more than you speak.


Ask questions & really listen to the answers. Follow up with questions and make sure not to interrupt.




Repeat back what you thought you have heard to clarify and correct as needed. Use different words to confirm meaning.


Go hands-free.


Have nothing in your hands when consulting with a client. Picking up a comb and scissor makes the statement that you think it is time to work. It is not time to work until the plan is clear.


Make contact with the counter. 


Stand in front of (not behind) your chair so that you can make eye contact directly with your client. Really look at them as you communicate. Never speak to them by way of the mirror during the consultation.


Follow up with take home. 


The sale and service are not complete until the look is finished and the client is confident that they can replicate it at home. Be sure to consult on the home care and appropriate products to send them off satisfied.



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