Competitions can JUMPSTART your Beauty Skills!

By: Rachel Carpenter

Competition may seem scary. It’s difficult to put your talents and skills out there against people you may not know or feel less than. But one of the best ways to better yourself is to compete against other professionals! It puts your technical and personal skills to the test and gives you an idea of where other individuals in your industry are on their career journey. Competition isn’t a time to compare yourself to others negatively but rather to grow and reflect on how far you have come in being a beauty professional. But there are a few tips to on how to practice healthy competition that you’ll want to see before you make this big jump!


1.     Keep YOUR Personal Goals in Mind

·      It’s so simple to look at what others have accomplished and to wish you had done the same. But without a real insight into their life, you have no idea what challenges you have faced that they haven’t or the circumstances that have led them to this point. Focus on yourself and what you want to do in a competition and don’t look at your goals alongside.


2.     View Competition as a Type of Improvement

·      Healthy competition is ALLLL about perspective. If you see this experience as a time to purely beat other people and not to grow, you’re missing the whole point. Yes, having a cut-throat serious competition may improve your technical skills… to a degree. But you aren’t bettering yourself personally- stunting your growth as a stylist.


3.     Don’t be Scared to Make Acquaintances!

·      Maybe you won’t meet your best friends in the world by doing a beauty competition. Maybe you will! You never know if you don’t try. And regardless of whether or not you meet your future bridesmaids or groomsmen, it is still great to network! Meeting other professionals and learning skills from them that you may have never mastered is such a huge value to your career. You may also be discovered by a beauty professional looking to hire. There is no way to predict what opportunities you could encounter at a competition!


Competitions are great—but only as great as you allow them to be. Follow the tips below to flourish at your next competition. Beauty Cast Network has an entire competition line-up with locations all throughout 2020 and all over the country! Check it out and JUMPSTART your own career!






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