Competitiveness Within Community Can Be Your Gateway to Success!

By: Rachel Carpenter

Being competitive in your community can mean a number of things. Your school or workplace is your community. The network of local salons or beauty schools in your area could be your community. Or the beauty industry as a whole could even be your community. You can be a part of multiple communities all at the same time- it just depends on how broad your definition of a community is! Staying competitive through all of the various communities you are a part of is very important. There may be different levels of success or different standards- and you want to keep up with all of it


But how? Staying at the top of your game in all of your communities may seem overwhelming- but by following a few tips you can be your best self by any standards!


  1. Keeping a Planner
  • Keeping a planner allows you to have one centralized place to physically write down everything you need to do. Obviously fill it with important things like appointments, meetings or interview times, but also fill it with goals and plans to better yourself! By having a planner, you are more in touch with how you spend your time and can really manage this better, making the overwhelming feeling of staying competitive in all of your various communities much easier!


2. Always be Researching Industry News and Trends

  • By always staying up to date on what’s happening in the beauty industry, both in a broad sense AND a local sense, you are staying competitive! Letting yourself fall into the ways things have always been and making no effort to take up new skills or try new things that clients might want makes you ‘old-fashioned’ really fast! By being aware of all the new styles and ideas that clients may want, you are at the top of your game and ready for whatever walks through your salon door!

3. Market Yourself!

  • By marketing yourself on various social media platforms and always keeping an updated digital portfolio, you are staying competitive. LinkedIn is a great platform for finding jobs or Instagram/Facebook is a great way to get your name out there for potential clients. By being meticulous about how you brand yourself and what you put on social media to advertise, you are making a strategic move in your beauty communities! Social media advertising is the perfect way to let others know how original, creative and unique you are- but still giving them all the styles they want!

These things may not seem like super large modifications to your life but they can really help to keep you competitive in such a large industry! The beauty world is changing every single second and staying at the top can be hard! By adopting these few practices, that task becomes a little less overwhelming! Stay competitive and stay yourself!

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