Common Complaints From Customers And How To Avoid Them

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Like any other industry, the beauty industry also has its share of troubled customers. It certainly isn't possible to keep everyone satisfied. As a cosmetologist who works in a salon, it is more than likely that you will have to deal with a few unhappy customers here and there. 


No matter how good you are at your job, you will have to deal with several customer complaints at least a few times during the span of your career. Especially for those who've just graduated and started working, unhappy customers are not uncommon. 


Below, we discuss these common complaints and what you can do to avoid them or deal with them effectively. 


Not happy with how the hair cut or styling turned out


These are among the most common salon customer complaints and typically come from those who aren't happy with the result. The issue at hand may deal with the haircut, hair-coloring, hair-styling, nail care, and more. 


When getting such complaints, make sure to apologize for their experience, even though you may not be at fault. After listening to what they have to say, offer them a solution that would lead to a resolution quickly. For example, you could offer to correct whatever they're not happy with for free or offer a discount on their next appointment. 


Unsatisfied with the customer support 


If you have people who are not happy with the customer support your salon provides, take a look at your practices and see where you can improve. For example, if someone complains that your team is hard to reach, you can introduce new ways for customers to contact you, like email, web forms, phone, live chat, social media, etc. 


You should always focus on prioritizing your clients and their needs. It can be stressful and challenging to deal with unhappy customers, but it's only through them that you can grow and improve. Always listen and offer practical solutions. 


Complaints about children in the salon 


These may be more common than you think. Often, salon customers complain about babies and children crying, screaming, or running around in the salon. These may be other clients' kids or those of the owner. Whatever the case may be, many customers tend to be unhappy when babies and children are present in a space where they're supposed to relax. 


Customers have come to the salon to unwind and get away from stressors. So having kids running around and screaming and babies crying everywhere isn't the most professional set up. To make sure children are occupied, you can set up a play area, especially if a lot of your customers often come in with youngsters. 


Complaints about being rushed 


Another common salon customer complaint is having their treatment hurried. If a customer calls in advance to push back an appointment because they're going to be late, make sure never to rush the procedure. Always remember to implement the necessary changes in your schedule to accommodate them without having to compromise the quality of the service you deliver. 


Your customers have come to you for a relaxing, stress-free time, so do your best to deliver exactly that!


Daily deals and membership issues 


If your salon is offering exclusive deals with coupons, vouchers, codes, or membership, you will have to deal with negative responses. For example, a customer may feel that their experience was rushed (which sometimes occurs since you will have lots of other customers to cater to). 


The best solution to this is to no offer such deals so often, and when you do offer them, make sure you set down clear terms and conditions.

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