Conscientiousy Kicking those Bad Habits to the Curb!

By: Rachel Carpenter

We ALL have bad habits! It’s just a fact of life. You might be like me and have a tendency to stay in bed WAY longer than you need to. Or maybe you’re a nail-biter. You might be a little on the messy side of things! It doesn’t matter what your bad habit is- but rather it matters how you work to beat it! Being conscientious about kicking your bad habits to the curb can make a HUGE difference in your life, both inside the workplace and at home. 


But how do we kick those bad habits to the curb? Conscientiousness is obviously the word of the month and we definitely want to use that word- but conscientiously doing what exactly? Don’t fear; we’ve got you covered! Below are a few tips for staying intentional in getting rid of the habits and aspects of your life that are dragging you down, rather than bringing you up!


  1. Conscientiously Journal 
  • Our subconscious is a VAST place! There are so many things we do on a daily basis that we do not realize. It might sound silly, but getting all of your thoughts down on paper allows you to realize your emotions and where they come from. A great deal of the time, when recalling the events of the day and writing them down in your journal, you may stumble across a bad habit that you didn’t even realize was there! Maybe when thinking back to that conversation you had with your co-worker, you realize that you kept interrupting her! Recognizing that habit can do so much more for you than never even realizing it was a problem!


 2. Conscientiously Correct Yourself

  • Once you have noticed what your bad habit is, it’s all about recognizing it in your day to day life. Every time you go to bite your nails or every time you begin to interrupt someone, stop and think about what it feels like to NOT do that. The more you pay attention to yourself and let these habits slip out of your subconscious and into what you notice, the better chance you have of kicking them to the curb! Tell yourself, ‘I am better without that habit. I can do so much more with my life without that habit hindering my success’. 


3. Conscientiously Reward Yourself 

  • Like someone who has struggled with substance abuse in the past goes so many days clean, it is important for you to do the same with your bad habit! See how long you can go without repeating your habit and reward yourself during the big moments! Say you go a whole week without biting your nails or a whole month without interrupting someone- rewarding yourself will keep you accountable and keep you engaged in pursuing your goal! Maybe it’s indulging yourself with an ice cream cone or sweet treat, whatever it is you deserve it! Conscientiously rewarding yourself is a great way to keep pushing yourself!


Kicking your bad habits to the curb will never be easy- but conscientiously taking up these skills to push yourself towards that goal will make it a little easier!

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