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So you've just graduated from beauty school and you're ready to take the next step - becoming a working professional in the beauty industry. 


Whether you feel ready to conquer the world or a bit nervous to jump in, it’s ok and completely normal. In any case, you’ll want to be prepared to face the inevitable ups and downs, to go through obstacles and trying times. 


It’s important to balance positivity with a healthy dose of realism. A great way to achieve exactly this is to find a professional mentor, someone who has traveled the path and found success.


Here is how a great mentor can help you realize your goals:


Adapting to the Workplace


Adjusting to a new environment and fully understanding how it functions don’t happen overnight. New workplaces can be difficult to navigate; salons can be especially busy and hectic. As you are working behind the chair, you may have very little time for an appropriate onboarding experience. 

If you have a dedicated mentor assigned to you at work, say a stylist who has been working there for years, they can guide you from the very first day, making it easier for you adapt to your new surroundings. 


Progressing Your Skill Set

With a dedicated mentor, you can find some of the help you need to progress in your career. Since mentors are people who are more experienced in your field, they can provide you with useful tips and advice, and teach new skills necessary to climb up the ladder. Moreover, a mentor should be someone you can look up, serving as both an inspiration and a motivation to always strive for better.

Receiving Feedback 

A mentor is someone who helps you grow and guides you through your professional journey. This means that they get to see firsthand how you are developing. Find a mentor that you can trust to provide you with honest and constructive feedback, which helps you understand yourself better by keeping you grounded and giving you a reality check when you need it the most.

Growing Personally & Professionally

Having a mentor is not only about professional growth but also about personal growth. Today, the division between work life and personal life can feel almost nonexistent. Our professional and personal growth are closely intertwined, and with the right mentor, you get the best of both worlds. 


A mentor should be someone who truly cares about your progress and betterment, and is someone who will always look out for you. In order to make the most of such a blessing, it is critical that you find the right mentor.


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