Cooperativeness: It's in the Give AND Take!

By: Rachel Carpenter

Being cooperative is not a fancy word for being a ‘pushover’! By being cooperative it is not your duty to give in to others, no matter their request, or completely forfeit your thoughts in favor of keeping the peace. Cooperativeness is giving AND taking- a two-way street if you will! There are a few things that you must keep in mind when being cooperative so that you effectively cooperate- rather than being commanding or reserved. You have to find a happy medium!


1. Be Open-Minded

  • To cooperate effectively, you must be willing to hear ideas other than your own! Hearing out other people is absolutely necessary for cooperation to occur! By being headstrong and unwilling to consider the voices of others, you are diminishing their ability to use their strengths and talent in the same way that you are. No voice is more important than another’s- regardless of if you agree or disagree, you will never know if you don’t listen!

2. Use Your Voice

  •  If you are the one that is not getting heard, make yourself louder! Your ideas are just as valuable as those of the person sitting next to you in the office or in the salon chair beside you. Making yourself heard and getting your thoughts out there, make cooperation more attainable. Though it may be difficult or uncomfortable to speak when others aren’t listening, do it anyway! Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and letting others hear what you have to say is HUGE in cooperating! You can’t cooperate if you give in to everyone’s ideas but your own. 


3. Keep the Big Picture in Mind

  • Keep what you are trying to achieve in mind. Someone’s ideas may seem wonderful in the moment- but when all things are considered they might not turn out so well. By not forgetting what you originally wanted to accomplish by cooperating, you are more likely to stay grounded in your beliefs and principles on the matter. You will be far less likely to be swayed by a persuasive individual or distracted by the loudest person in the room if you never let go of what was to be accomplished in the first place! 

By holding onto these tips, cooperating with whoever, whenever, and wherever will be much less complicated!

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