Costly Marketing Mistakes that May Hinder Salon Growth

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It is quite natural for business owners to make a few common marketing mistakes along the way, especially for the newer entrants in the salon business. While testing the waters through trial and error can be a healthy way to learn more about the industry, you must focus on eliminating any potential pitfalls to ensure the success of your salon business in the long run.

Here is a list of some of the most common marketing mistakes most startup beauty businesses frequently fall prey to:

Inappropriate Pricing

Pricing is one of the most crucial aspects of ensuring the viability and success of your salon business. However, there are a lot of new entrants in the market that is unable to gauge the appropriate cost for their services and end up suffering major losses in the long run. If you set your prices too low, your brand might come across as substandard, leaving you unable to cover for your operational costs. On the other hand, if your pricing is too high for the segment you cater to, you might end up deterring clients from enjoying your services.

As such, it is recommended that you do your research so that you can competitively price your service with respect to the market and your local competition. Offering appropriate promotions during historically slower times of the year to boost reservations may be something to consider when planning your marketing campaigns.

Sending Mixed Messages

Let's face it. You cannot be all the things to all the people in the market. Trying to appeal to everyone might be a major roadblock that stands in the way of achieving your business building goals. That being said, you must focus on creating a unique marketing message to attract your target clientele. Whether you are targeting young urban professionals or wealthy business owners and socialites, your marketing message, service offerings, and standards should speak to your audience, the type of guests that you want to have in your chair. Sending out a mixed marketing message will confuse your potential clients and encourage them to shop elsewhere.

No Referral Program

A referral program can be your fastest and most cost-effective marketing strategy to widen your customer base and strengthen relationships with your existing customers. However, there are a lot of salon businesses that fail to see the value of an attractive referral program in promoting the visibility of their brand among the potential customers. Or, perhaps a salon has a referral program in place but doesn’t promote it to existing guests.

Consider every visiting customer leaving your salon with a smile as a potential brand ambassador to refer your services to their friends and family. By offering incentives for your referral programs, you can effectively monetize your marketing strategy and reap major gains for your business.

Not Tapping into Technology

An average smartphone user spends several hours a day glued to their mobile screens, browsing websites, sharing messages, surfing Facebook or simply exploring new products and services. However, many salon startups fail to devote the time needed to secure a strong, consistent online presence, which is absolutely vital in spreading the word about their business and acquiring new customers. For starters, you must get your official business website optimized for mobile devices so that your potential customers might be able to reach out to your faster. In addition to that, you can also make use of push notifications, SMS, etc. for delivering relevant information about product launches, new services, and promotions that your clients may enjoy.

Avoiding the marketing mistakes as mentioned above will not only help cement the position of your brand in the market but also keep your business afloat through periods of lull.


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