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The success of any new business depends largely on its sales. The beauty business is no different. In a salon, a healthy client base is what decides whether a business will just survive or truly thrive.

Renting space, buying equipment, and advertising takes a significant investment, not to mention paying overheads and, eventually, making a profit. To defray costs, you need to build and retain a strong client base who enjoy services in your salon on a consistent basis.

Whether personally or professionally, successful outcomes require establishing a clear idea of where you want to be coupled with actionable steps on how to get there.

Check out these five areas to explore as you develop your plan for success:

1.      Size Up the Competition

If you planning to set up shop in an area that already has one or more salons, you definitely need to check out the competition. What services are offered? What type of salons exist and how do they compare to yours? What’s the price point? Can the area support an additional salon?

2.      Offer a Unique Service

One way to stand out in the crowd is to offer something that no one else offers. Exotic treatments like Ayurvedic skin products or a special type of hair braiding technique may spark conversation and garner curious potential clients. Upsell these unique skills & service offerings to help promote your salon and team.

3.    Advertise Appropriately

Invest time in how and where you advertise. Create business accounts on the various social media platforms and spread the word there. Request friends and family to follow you and ask them to bring in more followers. The more people that know about the salon, the greater your chance of getting new clients.

If you have a budget for paid marketing, then allocate your funds wisely depending on the clientele you want to attract and the most successful way to reach them. Always do your research before committing to a costly promotional plan.

4.    Hire an Amazing Team

Hiring talented, skilled, and courteous employees, from the receptionist to the salon manager, is important to your growth and reputation. Word of mouth is one of the best marketing tools to bring in clients. When your service and staff are “top-notch”, your client base will keep building.

5.    Host a Salon Grand Opening

Once you’ve carefully set up your new salon, it’s time to make a big deal and celebrate! Plan a grand opening and invite family, friends, and your new neighbors – potential clients and local business owners. 

This is a great opportunity to connect with your local chamber of commerce to host a ribbon-cutting ceremony as an official “welcome to the neighborhood”. Make it special and take advantage of showing off your shiny new place and talented team.

The advantage of being a newly opened salon is that you are not yet labeled for being “good” or “bad” at anything. You are setting the pace, free to explore and determine what contributes to your success (then build on more of that). 

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