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By: Adam Tran, Celebrity Nail Artist,

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I can remember like it was yesterday. Getting noticed in the world of beauty, especially in the nail industry, was a lot of work. Marketing and advertising meant your standard print ads, radio, television commercials, snail mail, and the classic word-of-mouth. If you were a part of the few who did this, then you remember very well that it cost a pretty penny.

Today we live in the digital environment where “going viral” translates to career milestones and a handsome coin in your bag. The internet has changed the game and the inability to change with it can certainly be difficult to recover from. No need to stress (too blessed to stressed anyway, right?)! The new digital movement provides endless marketing avenues without costing you anything except your time.

As it relates to the nail industry specifically, videos and live feeds on outlets such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter (just to name a few), provide a solid platform to display your expertise, gain notoriety, and, best of all, stay up-to-date on the latest trends.

As a beauty professional, here are a few gems to keep in mind when posting:

  • Instagram: the best place to engage your specific audience because it focuses on video and photos in a simple format. The application has a ton of useful analytics for artists to become “Insta-Famous”. So, post those high-quality, simply beautiful mani/pedi’s for your audience to see.
  • YouTube: a great place for your audience to get to know you!  With YouTube, video subscribers not only obtain visual how-to’s, but are also able to connect with you. By letting your personality shine through, you are able to better relate with like-minded individuals. Shhh! Don’t tell anyone, but this is the recipe to gain a loyal following.
  • Snapchat: an awesome place to give your audience personal attention. The fading post allows artists to offer exclusive information to a customized group. With the application’s newest feature, live group chat, an artist can hold live show-and-tells in real time. Talk about next level, “in the know” strategy!
  • Twitter: short and to the point. If you’re looking for a place to make a quick announcement or direct a large audience to your beautifully-crafted nail pic, new website, or the cover of the nail editorial that your art is featured in, then Twitter it is. In 140 characters, your tweetable nail news can reach 974 million views. The key here is to have a sizzling headline.


The best advice I can offer is to use these new resources and remain flexible enough to evolve as they do. Continue to advance with the internet. Do keep in mind that now anyone and everyone is online trying to become the next sensation. You and you alone must find a way to stand out.

Be creative, work even harder, and be consistent. "Think outside of the box" as you brand yourself. Always prepare as much as possible, knowing that trial and error is the name of the game. Learn from the errors, perfect it, and own it. This is the key to evolving. Now, go live out loud; your future is just a few clicks away.


Do you have stories about your social media nail design experiences? Tell us all about it in the comments below or connect on social media: @AdamNailStyles


About Adam:

Adam Tran's passion for nail art began in 1985 where he spent his childhood running around his parents' nail salon: Family Nails in Huntington Beach, California. Throughout his formative years, he spent his time perfecting the craft. He's adorned such clients as Keisha Cole, the Braxton sisters, various Playboy Playmates, and reality TV entourages.

Settled in Southern California, Adam now spends his time traveling the country, teaching and sharing his skills with other industry professionals. Additionally, he works continuously to develop new products that help to advance the industry.

From the conservative corporate world to the extravagant Hollywood nights, Adam believes that everyone has their own unique style and he is committed to inspiring self-expression in everyone.


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