Cruise Ship Hairstylist Industry In:Site #89

By: C. Jeanine Fulton

Category: Students

The Make Up: Cruise ships are often referred to a cities floating on water. Cruise lines offer salon and spa services to both passengers and crew members and provide a variety of hair care and body treatments.

Regimen: Stylists perform routine services such as: facials, waxing, cutting, styling, manicure, and pedicure services. The stylists who perform these services are also considered specialized beauty therapists. Daily therapists consult clients, give service suggestions, and recommend products to fit the customer's needs. It is important to implement the philosophy of the cruise line to ensure the client's experience is pleasing.

Foundation: Licensed cosmetologist

-Service industry experience

-Retail sales experience

-Exceptional customer service skills

-Must speak English, (bilingual a plus)

-Desire to travel

Making The Cut: Forward your professional resume and cover letter to a reputable staffing company that hires stylists for cruise ships. Beware of scams. There are companies that are frauds who do not actually hire people to work for cruise lines, but may appear legitimate. Contact the cruise line directly if you are suspicious about a company. Spend time studying other languages if you only speak English. This will help to make you more marketable and knowledgeable. 

Highlights & Tips: For more tips on how to become a cruise ship hairstylist, check out Jeanine's book Industry In:Site.

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