Cultivate a Loyal Following

By: BCN Communications

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The beauty industry is a highly competitive industry where one of the most critical factors that determine success is your ability to retain clients. Customer loyalty is crucial. 

Especially for beauty professionals, the ability to keep your clients coming back to you time and again is something that is truly a game changer. Not only is it approximately seven times less expensive than investing in ways to constantly attract new clients, but it also means repeat business, free word-of-mouth advertising, and increased profitability. Plus, it’s a sanity saver and a confidence booster to build a strong following.

So, if you want to reap these benefits, here are some client retention strategies that every beauty professional can find useful:

Reconsider a client loyalty/rewards program.

One way that can help make your clients happy and feel appreciated is implementing a customer loyalty or rewards program. This enables them to have access to exclusive benefits and enjoy savings as a ‘frequent flyer’.

In other words, the more they recommend your services and take home offerings, the more benefits they receive. When clients are offered the opportunity to get even a little more than what they are paying for (and rewarded for simply sharing a personal recommendation with their ‘near and dear’), everyone wins.

One of our personal favorites is rewarding referrals with take home product. For instance: Every new client sent to you via a current guest is rewarded with a full-sized shampoo that you help select especially for them. The current guest also gets the same reward as a “thank you” for spreading the word.

Why is this a good choice? It’s an easy program to begin and simple to share. (Think of the marketing possibilities!) You can keep your inventory/investment within reason while also having the chance to make a personalized take home recommendation (that they’ll fall in love with and want to purchase in the future). Also, your service pricing remains intact, not discounted as part of the loyalty program.

Build a personalized brand through social media.

You’ve heard it before & you’ll certainly hear it again – the power of social media is undeniable. Platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, are more than just a way to connect with friends and family, rather evolving to be one of the most powerful marketing platforms available. This is great for businesses, especially those in the beauty industry because it offers you an opportunity to brand yourself the way you want.

Creating a brand culture has never been this easy. From the way you present yourself, to the pictures and videos you share, to the way you interact with your followers, all of these become opportunities to help you build your persona, your reach, and, ultimately, your bottom line.

Make sure that customer service is 'humanized'.

Too often, businesses don't understand that customer service is centered on the customer & the suggestions, questions, and sometimes, feedback that they may have. Many times, customers complain that the thing they dislike about customer service is that business interactions often sound robotic and unnatural like they are just repeating sentences and phrases they have been trained to say instead of addressing the issue at hand.

This is a common problem that often drives clients away. Dig in and inspect your process for communicating to make sure you are present versus simply going through the motions.

Attract clients and retain them using inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that helps you attract customers so that they can come to you instead of you going out to get them. This is achieved by producing and sharing valuable content that people will find useful, such as write-ups and blog posts that provide tips and tricks to help them maintain healthy hair or how to take care of their nails. When people come across something worthwhile, they are automatically attracted to the business that provides it, thereby driving them towards you.

Take the time to research and analyze what your clients want.

You need to invest time and resources to understand what your clients want. This could be gleaned from simple guest surveys, thoughtful questions, and trendspotting. If you’re making the effort to gather the information, be sure to put in the time to analyze your findings. You can't afford to merely guess what your clients want. You need to be sure that they will be spending their money on what you are offering.

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