A Peek Inside Customer Service

By: Lucinda Crowley

You may ask what does that really mean?  A customer is defined as a person or organization that buys goods or services from a store or business. A service is defined as the act of helping or doing work for someone. Put the two together and you have your answer.

Would you rather do business with an organization that cared about your spending habits or spend your money with someone who simply could not care less. Have you experienced bad customer service? What was it like when you experienced great customer service? How were you treated?

My company provides CE courses for cosmetologists and I was tasked with visiting salons to share a flyer, in case there was anyone that needed to renew their licenses. Frankly, I was shocked by how I was treated by some of the salons I called on.  Keep in mind each person that walks into your business is a potential client.

I walked into a salon and there were four hairstylists working at their stations.  Not one of them acknowledged me, a little uncomfortable, finally, one of them looked at me and said, “what do you need”?   I took everything in me not to just walk out.  The air was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

Another salon I had to be buzzed in, I could not even tell the salon was opened.  I apologized for interrupting – mind you there was no one in the salon.   She was very abrupt with me and told me she didn’t need any education.

Going into nail salons was the most interesting. Many just want you to choose your color.  They have their market. They don’t have to have customer service- all that's necessary is a good price and good quality of service and you’ll come back. But that isn't quite the case. Many people would much rather feel welcomed than like they are only wanted for their business, regardless of how wonderful a job you do. 

Another salon was full of people just buzzing around.  Each person had their own room, and if you were not there to see someone in that room, you were not even going to be acknowledged. 

One salon I went into they were so welcoming I went back that afternoon and had my nails done.

What opportunities are you missing out on by not having great customer service? What about the UPS guy, do you think he might want to buy a certificate for his wife? What about the person who just walks in and wants to see what your services are? What if someone is just peeking in your windows to see what your business looks like? Will you go out and greet them and invite them in?

Having a front desk person does help create a better experience for everyone. If you can not provide that for your business think of creative ways for new customers to experience service.  A sign that says welcome I will be with you soon. How about just a hello and if you’re busy an ‘I will be with you soon’?

If you want to talk to someone always include your client or let your client know you would like to speak with this person.

Customer service starts with you – going that extra mile treating someone exactly how you would want to be treated. I challenge you to walk into 5 different salons and just ask for a salon menu.  Experience is the best teacher. You will find out who gets your money or not. 








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