Defining Conscientiousness!

By: Rachel Carpenter

Conscientiousness. A long (and quite difficult to spell) word that stands for something much simpler: the art of doing something well! Conscientiousness is defined as “the personality trait of being careful, or diligent.” Conscientiousness implies a desire to do a task well, and to take obligations to others seriously. What does this mean for stylists you may be asking? Good question!

Being conscientious means something different for every task you face. For some tasks, it may be getting organized. For others, it may mean being consistent. For others, it may mean paying very close attention to detail. And for some, it may require ALL 3! From getting in touch with a client to performing a difficult skill at a client’s request, being conscientious is a MUST! It’s up to you to find how to be conscientious in your everyday tasks!

Here are a few ways to be conscientious in the beauty industry:

Keeping a Positive Attitude

A huge aspect of being conscientious is the ‘desire to do a task well’. It doesn’t necessarily mean you succeeded but that you were pursuing success! Being conscientious is a state of mind and to have this state of mind, you must be positive. To desire to do a task well means that you know what your task is. The only thing left is doing it! To be conscientious and keep the desire to do the task well you must stay positive and keep your eyes on the prize! Not caring how things go or being negative are exactly how to destroy conscientiousness!

Be Thorough and Detailed

By being thorough and detailed, you are paying much more attention to the task in front of you. Maybe get a planner, so that you can keep better track of your appointments and mentally prepare for them in advance so that you’re in the right mindset to succeed! Or, make to-do lists that keep you on track for the day and ensure you are prepared for anything! By being detailed and sure of what you are doing at all times, you are conscientiously pushing towards success!

Know What You Want to Accomplish

It’s difficult to be conscientious if you don’t know what you want. By picturing for yourself what success looks like in this task and doing everything you can to push towards it, your chances of succeeding look a great deal better! Write down what success looks like in this task and a few different things that you must accomplish to have success! For example, to nail a job interview there are a few different things you need to do to accomplish this! Getting a good night’s sleep, practicing for the interview and dressing professionally are all things that you want to do to have a great interview. By picturing what you want and figuring out what it will take to get there, you are being very conscientious!

Being conscientious is a great way to live your life! Always preparing yourself for what’s to come and pushing towards success is very rewarding. Adopting these three skills in both your professional and daily life are great ways to develop conscientiousness!

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