Develop Your Mindset for Success by Ivan Zoot aka ClipperGuy

By: Ivan Zoot AKA ClipperGuy

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Your attitude determines your altitude. Here are my top five tips to get your focus sharp and your head in the game. Play to win.


• You will mess up.


Haircuts WILL come out wonky. Color WILL be off. Stuff happens. Being a pro is not about getting it right all the time. It is about how you respond when it goes wrong (whatever IT is).


• You are never done learning.


Everything changes. The pro beauty business is THE business of selling change. Stay on the edge of what is happening in your area of focus.


• Specialize in that which you are passionate about.


It is impossible to know everything about everything. Better to know a TON about very little. If you try to be everything to everyone you are nothing to anyone.


• Work towards mastery.


True talent is the by-product of confidence and experience. Dig in. Focus. The law of 10,000 hours says things will take time. Invest the time.


• Find the fun.


If this is work for you, it is pretty crappy work. If you can keep it fun, you are looking at an amazing career that will never get old, never be boring, and continue to give you much more than it takes from you.




Ivan Zoot is your Healthy Haircutter coach.  Ivan helps haircutters get and stay healthy, wealthy, and wise.  To become a $100,000 haircutter, learn more by visiting Ivan at his website ( or on Instagram (@ivanzoot), Twitter (@clipperguy), and Youtube (Clipperguy).

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