Developing an Effective Instagram Content Plan for Cosmetologists

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We live in the digital age where the power of social media cannot be denied, even as it applies to a professional in the beauty industry. Especially when it comes to Instagram, one of the most popular and powerful social media platforms available, cosmetologists are offered a plethora of opportunities to hone their craft and grow their career.

Instagram is not just a platform for posting selfies and sharing pictures of your food; it’s a powerful business tool, too, especially for the beauty industry. Don’t believe it? Ask the thousands of beauty influencers who have built a career based entirely off of Instagram. Like them, you too can make the best use of what the photo-sharing platform has to offer and give your beauty career the boost it deserves. With the right content and the right planning, your Instagram feed has the potential to attract tens of thousands of followers to help grow your beauty career.

Here are some useful tips on planning your Instagram content in an effective manner:

Establish your agenda

The first thing you should focus on is determining your purpose. Why are you on Instagram? What do you wish to achieve from your efforts? Once you clearly establish your agenda, then you can plan your content around it. In other words, your purpose should drive your content. For example, if you are a cosmetologist whose purpose on Instagram is to display your work and build a clientele, then it would prove beneficial for you to post pictures of happy clients with the work you have done on their hair, nails, or face.

Connect with your audience

The great thing about Instagram is that you can connect with your audience or followers. It has a sense of intimacy and personal relationship to it. Based on the kind of audience you have and your purpose, you can decide what kind of relationship you should have with your audience. Remember that you are the face of your brand, so you should post both professional and personal content. People want to see your work, but an effective way to really connect with them is to make sure you put up personal content as well.

Know your aesthetic/brand and communicate it

Your brand as a cosmetologist should be clearly communicated through your posts. For example, if your brand is about being diverse, free, and creative, then your posts on Instagram should clearly reflect that. If quality, glam, and luxury are what you want to convey, make sure you choose your content appropriately. This is how you build an aesthetic. When your audience sees your Instagram feed, they should be able to identify, in an instant, what your brand as a cosmetologist is all about.

Post consistently

Last but not the least, it is crucial to be consistent when it comes to building an online presence. You have to ensure that you are consistent with your style, branding, and in the frequency of your posts. Maintain consistency so your followers know what to expect from your posts. This way, you have a better chance of keeping your followers engaged and keeping their interest in your Instagram feed, and subsequently, your work as a cosmetologist.

For example, you could post pictures of a different hairstyle every Wednesday, then a make-up tutorial on Friday. Sharing tips and tricks on makeup/styling has proven to be a one of the types of content that social media audiences love. So, make sure you share some of your beauty wisdom on Instagram every now and then.



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