Education and Learning Never Stop

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Education and Learning Never Stop


Life is full of learning; from the moment you are born, the world will begin to teach lessons of existence. You certainly don't begin walking immediately after being born, but, rather, you start by moving your limbs, turning on to your tummy, slithering, crawling, sitting, standing, and then balancing on your two little feet. Only after having mastered these skills do you become ready to take strides. From life’s first cry to your final days, learning is inevitable!


My first piece of advice in learning is to Stay Relevant.


One can't expect a baby to think like Einstein. They will often throw food, paint with their fingers, or play with their toys (and perhaps even break a few). They will blabber gibberish that only their parents will understand and cry at the top of their lungs over the drop of a penny. It is highly unlikely that a baby would be gabbing with their siblings about the theory of relativity. 


Small children have a long way to go before getting to that point, starting by learning to speak and moving forward to recognizing the alphabet, reading, studying, and so on. 


Education is an aspect of life that helps you to build a secure future. It is essential for you to stick with things that are relevant to you and your goals in what life teaches. Attempting to fix the irrelevant will only lead to shortcomings. 


Every single person has critical weaknesses, as well as significant strengths. Many of us make the mistake of consistently attempting to fix our blunders and, with that, we forget to focus on the positive. A child prodigy is not born but is made with external attention and effort. The parent sees the traits that the child is proficient in and builds on them, with little regard to the areas in which they fall short. When we stop trying to adjust our faults, we find enough time to focus on our strengths. We must build on our talents and see our internal value. 


A child is given varied opportunities to learn in school, which helps them to understand their strengths. Maybe a student is an excellent writer, but math is very challenging for them. Or vice versa. A child's weakness in one sector of education does not mean that there is a need for a personal fix. It only means that his or her heart lies elsewhere. Stop tackling the irrelevant and start to focus on the relevant. You will not build a career on your weaknesses, so stop giving them more attention than you give your heart's desires. 


But learning can also mean Reinventing Yourself.


Everyone is given an opportunity to reinvent themselves in life. School is just a place that allows you to explore your strengths and develop them. As a student, you are offered many chances to explore and understand your interests, your talent, and the future opportunities that you can build on in the future.


While in school, you learn everything, from literature to language, mathematics, physics, sports, games, and so on. You are given widely ranged education that helps to mold you into a strong human being. Schools act as a foundation for the rest of your life, allowing you ‘taste tests’ of all the things the world can offer. You understand everything, but you specialize only in what you love. As you grow up, you get a chance to reinvent yourself and seek knowledge; you begin your graduate studies.


Life is not solely about education. Life mostly consists of learning. Education is a huge component of learning, but they are not necessarily the same. You learn in primary school, college, and graduate studies. You may study sports or arts and become a professional in the field of your choice. But eventually, you will graduate. Your life will no longer consist of going to an institution that is specifically dedicated to learning. What you will learn from this point in your life, much like how it was when you were an infant, will not be so intentional. Think of all the skills that you were not specifically taught in school; deciphering others’ emotions, riding a bike, and much more.  As an employee, your education may come to a halt, but the learning continues throughout your life.


You have to remember, a part of learning is your inner Thrive to Succeed.


Ambition is the key to success. Without a goal, you will never put in any effort to succeed. For those who do not have a dream, the key to success is lost during their education. If you stand for nothing, it is easy to fall to the wayside.


Success does not come your way unless you thrive to succeed. The age-old saying states, “You can bring a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”. Education only provides you the knowledge that you’re willing to receive. We must remember that there's always something to explore in everything and that it is our job to do so.


When the apple landed on Sir Isaac Newton, he didn't ignore it. He took the time to question why it fell on instead of falling towards the sky. Would he have succeeded in discovering gravity if he had pushed the thought out of his mind and continued on with his day? Newton thrived to find the reason behind this and made groundbreaking accomplishments, and so should you! 


It is easy to say that if it weren't for Newton, someone else would have discovered gravity. That's true; but what if there was no one to take the initiative in doing so? How long would it have been before we understood something so necessary to our existence? In the wise words of Mahatma Gandhi, WE must be the change we wish to see in the world and pushing towards knowledge and learning is the first step. 


There is something to learn in every step of life. Every mistake is an opportunity to grow, and every success is the result of your efforts. Just because you have graduated from your studies does not mean that learning will come to a screeching halt. You wake up every single day with the opportunity to end the day with more knowledge than you woke up with. 


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