Effective Tips to Build a Strong Clientele

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In order to be successful in the industry, a great hairstylist knows the importance of building and retaining a clientele. In fact, it’s all about how many people appreciate your craft enough to keep coming back to you for your services and spread the word to others. For this to happen, you need to be able to market yourself and your services in the smartest way possible.

So, how do you build a clientele large enough so that your chair is never empty and no hour is ever a slow hour? Recruiting clients may seem like a daunting task, especially if you are a newcomer in the industry, but it is not impossible. Countless successful professionals have done it and so can you, with a bit of time, patience, and effort.

Check out 5 effective ways that you can use to support your efforts to build and retain a strong following:

  • Social Media Savvy

Social media remains one of the most powerful tools for professionals in the beauty industry to advertise themselves free of cost. All you need is an account and basic social media handling skills. Social media platforms, especially Instagram, can be particularly useful for hairstylists looking to showcase their work and attract clients.

Share photos of your work, happy client “after” pics, tips, and tricks your followers can use, as well as any current promotions you’re offering. You will gain followers in no time, and more followers can translate to more clients!

  • Take Control of Your Reputation with Great Reviews

When clients are extremely pleased with your service, make sure to ask them to post their reviews online, whether it’s on your website or another review site that you’re building (Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc.).

Reviews can be influential in helping a potential client decide if they should approach your services or those of a competitor. If your site, social media account, or any other online review site page is filled with positive, authentic reviews, people are more likely to approach you.

  • Reward Those Who Help You Build Your Business

Another great way to build and retain a clientele is through word of mouth – the oldest and most effective marketing method. When you have clients that come to you regularly, ask them to refer others to you (but make sure that you do it in a way that’s never pushy or unprofessional). Always thank them for their continued support and explain how you would love to have more clients just like them (i.e. their family, friends, co-workers, etc.). Let them know how helpful it would be in your efforts to continue building a strong clientele. For every referral they make that comes in as a new client for service, you could offer them a (predetermined) salon treatment or product incentives.

  • Always be Professional

Professionalism is an important quality as a hair stylist. If you wish to build a thriving clientele, it’s your responsibility to ensure that every client has a pleasant, positive experience during their time with you. You can be friendly and approachable, yet still be respectful and professional.

For example, always greet clients by their name. Honor scheduled appointment times (and, if you get off track, make it right through good communication, possibly offering a complimentary conditioning treatment, if appropriate). Always have clean tools and a clutter-free, hygienic working environment. Steer clear of gossip-laden conversations, especially about other stylists or other clients.

  • Accept Walk-Ins

While accepting walk-ins may mean extra work at the moment, it also means additional income and the opportunity to gain a return client (and when is that ever a negative?). Being available, ready, and willing to put in the necessary effort are great qualities that will help fast-track your success as a hairstylist.


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