Email & Messaging Mishaps Can Compromise Your Professionalism

By: BCN Communications

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Because technology is how we connect (even in the recruitment & hiring process) it’s often the case that your first impression doesn’t happen in person, but instead via email. What you write and how you respond play a part in whether you get the interview necessary to land the job.

Taking the time to carefully craft your emails helps you put your best foot forward for hiring managers.

Inspect your written communication & avoid these common pitfalls:

The (not-so) Professional Email Address works fine when you’re signing up for junk mail, but employers are looking for true professionals. Your email address should be a combination of your first and last name or a representation of your brand. Examples are or Using a professional email is the first, small step to developing your brand.

Inappropriate Signatures

Your signature should be your name, job title, and any additional contact information. Excessive use of special characters or emoticons makes you look unprofessional and not serious about your career and job search. If your email address is your first impression, think of your signature as that last firm handshake before you walk out of the door. You want to end your email the same way you started it—on a good note.

Incorrect Grammar/Slang

Nothing will make you lose a potential job interview quicker than incorrect grammar in your email. If your text is peppered with misspellings and slang words, it sends a very bad impression to anyone who’s thinking of hiring you in their business. It says to them this person may not have the basic skills necessary for the job or doesn’t take the time to inspect the final product (especially when these are crucial to success as a beauty professional).


Save the smiley faces for your friends and family. 

No Response

Even if you’ve decided that you’re not interested in interviewing or working with a certain salon, you should absolutely still respond to their email. It only takes a few minutes to write a quick note thanking them for their consideration but letting them know that you’ve decided to go in a different direction. It’s a gracious and classy choice.

Not responding at all could hurt you in the future. The beauty industry is quite connected, so it’s always best to honor and preserve the network.

Professionalism in all parts of the job search and interview process is necessary. In today’s job market, messaging can serve as the initial form of conversation. Before you hit send, always take a second look to review your reply.




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