Failure Forward to Success!

By: Rachel Carpenter

  • Not attaining your goal doesn’t have to mean failure. Maybe you didn’t get into the salon, where you thought you nailed the interview. Maybe you didn’t keep a client you were really excited about working with.

  • Regardless of what happened, there is something to hold onto through the bitterness and pain. We live in a ‘black and white’ culture, often making the assumption that when we do not succeed it means we have failed. This is simply not the case.

  • There is so much that takes place when pursuing a goal that doesn’t have to do with the goal itself. There are so many traits that one builds when pursuing a dream—confidence, resilience, dedication, and sooo much more! In addition is the experience that failure gives you. More often than not, the time you failed will not be your only opportunity to pursue this goal! You can use this missed shot to slam dunk your next one.


Let’s think through a few ways that you as a stylist can prevent getting bogged down by failure:

1. Keep a clear mindset – it’s important to realize that everything happens for a reason. By understanding that your failure wasn’t necessarily because you didn’t try hard enough or weren’t doing your job, but rather because this wasn’t the right time or opportunity for you, it is so much easier to keep going. Things you don’t receive can be blessings just as much as setbacks- had you pursued that goal and achieved it, you may have never found what will make you the stylist you have always dreamed of being.


2. Find your weaknesses and develop them—maybe there are things that you can work on. Failure points out the aspects of our craft that we need development. There are strengths and weaknesses in every stylist. Maybe it’s the technical side of things that need work. You shouldn’t stop learning just because you’ve graduated from beauty school... These are the skills that you will build on to grow in your career. Continue on with what you are good at and work to make your weaknesses better. But maybe you need to perfect your communication style. Talking to people and breaking farther out of your shell in interviews may leave employers feeling a little more impressed. No matter how great you are, there is always room for improvement. Look at failure as constructive criticism, rather than as the end of your life.

3. Place your value within yourself—No matter what it may be that prevented you from

achieving your goal, this in no way takes away from who you are as a human being. You still deserve to feel confident. Don’t place your value in either your success or your failure. Who you are on the inside has nothing to do with what you have achieved as a stylist. Placing your value in yourself prevents your mindset and mental health from declining and rising with the ups and downs of your career. 


Failure in life is inevitable. If you look at your co-workers, your role models, your mentors, and those you idolize, it is important to realize that at one point they too have been subject to the beauty industry and life’s hardships. We are all human. We all make mistakes. But if you keep a clear mindset, make an effort to develop your weaknesses, and place your value in yourself, looking at failure doesn’t have to seem so harsh.


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