Five Best Practices for Using Social Media as a Beauty & Wellness Industry Professional

By: Ivan Zoot,

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Social media is an ever-evolving wonderland.  You must have a presence while keeping in mind that it is not your only avenue for advertising, outreach, and connection.

Here are my top five tips for successful use of social media for beauty professionals:


1. Keep it professional:  Separate your footprints.  Keep personal stuff, beyond what is needed to show that you are actually a real human, off of professional pages and accounts.
2. Consistency over quantity:  It is better to post less often but regularly than to dump a ton of content randomly.
3. Less can be more: Quality over quantity.  Good posting will make more connections and earn more engagement.  Spewing just to post will cost you followers and attention.
4. Engage: Reply to comments and acknowledge tagging. Do more than just “like” others’ content as well.  Be a good follower and your followers will be good to you.

5. Begin with the end in mind: Have clear reasons for building a social footprint.  Set goals that can be measured. If you put in time and attention, what are you seeking to get out of it?  Sales? Customers?  Followers for the sake of following = zilch.


Ivan Zoot is your Healthy Haircutter coach. Ivan helps haircutters get and stay healthy, wealthy, and wise. To become a $100,000 haircutter, learn more by visiting Ivan at his web site ( or on Instagram (@ivanzoot), Twitter (@clipperguy), or Youtube (Clipperguy).

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