Five Ways to Advance Your Career in the Beauty Industry

By: Beauty Cast Network

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So, you want a job in the beauty and wellness industry but don’t know where to start. You’ve looked at a few schools and even sent for information but haven’t enrolled in class just yet. Never fear! You’re taking steps in the right direction to further your career. 


It won’t take you long to find innovative ways to stand out. Here are five ways to advance your career in the beauty industry: 


Get the training that you need to excel professionally. 


Use the Find a School tool on the Beauty Cast Network to find a school in your area and chosen profession. These schools are committed to helping their students find gainful employment after graduation. 


Seek out opportunities that help demonstrate your skills and document them for others to see. 


While you’re receiving your training, don’t be afraid to share your experiences with others through the creation of your own professional social media accounts. This is a great way to build a following and share all of the things you’re capable of doing as a beauty and wellness professional. Upload photos and videos so other people can comment on your work. You never know who you’ll attract with your posts, so definitely keep your accounts fresh & current. 


Create a standout resume and cover letter to send to prospective employers.  


First impressions are important. That’s why you’ve got to send the right message out about you as a person and business professional. If you want to advance your career in the beauty industry following graduation, you’re going to need to gain real-life experience. The very first job you take could very well catapult you into an even more successful position in the future. Create your free online profile using Beauty Cast Network to start connecting with available job opportunities in your area.


Put your best foot forward during the interview process. 


Make sure you dress the part. You want the company you’re interviewing with to trust your skills and experience. If you come to them wanting a job as a hair stylist but haven’t done anything with your own hair for a while, it’s easy to understand why they may pass you up in favor of another candidate. 


Learn everything you can so you’re as valuable as you can be as an employee. 


Take advantage of company training, workshops, and conventions. Attend every one you’re allowed to go to. Pick up new skills so that you can teach them to others. This is one of the fastest ways to advance in your career and attract the attention of the top companies in the industry. 


Now that you've got a few ideas on where to start, it’s time to show the companies hiring beauty professionals what you’re made of! Follow the list of tips suggested above to make your resume and experience stand out as a hair stylist, barber, make-up artist, or salon and spa coordinator. You’ll be thrilled to learn just how many companies are looking for beauty and wellness professionals just like you. 

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