Following Through: Identify Your Goals to Accomplish Them

For many people, the biggest hurdle in achieving their goals is following through and getting into action. It’s not difficult to set goals; working to make those intentions a reality is the actual challenge. 

As someone who plans to enter the beauty industry, you may have already realized that success will require pushing yourself. 

You must crave this success so that you motivate yourself to do whatever it takes to achieve it. Because of this, self-discipline is crucial for any cosmetologist who wants to thrive in their career. 

So, once you set your goals, here are a few tips to accomplish them. 

Balance out the planning and the action 

Once you achieve a healthy balance between preparation and action, you will see that you can be more productive. While planning is important, getting into action is what makes your dreams come true. 

Take the time to sit down and carefully sketch your course of action for accomplishing the goals you have set. Make sure that your plans are realistic and do-able. Remember that you should not put too much on your plate or take on more than you can handle. 

Write it all down and get organized 

A study has found that you are 42 percent more likely to accomplish your goals, just by writing them down! When you have your goals in a tangible form (such as when they are written down on paper for you to see), they tend to stick.

This means that you are more likely to work on them and try your best to achieve what you set out to do. Write or print out your goals and put them up on your wall. You can even give yourself daily tasks that will take you closer to what you aim to do, day by day. 

Have a system to review your goals and the progress you have made

This is important, especially for long-term goals that take months or even years to accomplish. Have a system in place that will allow you to take a step back and review your goals and how far you have come. 

Depending on your goal or your schedule, review your ambitions every month or two. For example, an annual goal may be best evaluated every month, while a goal that you hope to achieve in six months may benefit from a reflection every two weeks. 

Seek constructive feedback from people you trust 

Another vital tip to remember is to ask the people you trust for feedback. It may be your teacher, your mentor, your boss or manager, or your colleague. Whoever it is, make sure they are someone who knows you well with sound reasoning that can provide unbiased, honest, and constructive feedback. 

Don’t hesitate to reset your goals along the way 

If, along the way, you feel that you want to change your goals, don’t hesitate. It is often said that the only thing constant in life is change, so if you have adjusted your mindset or attitude and feel that your goals don’t reflect the kind of person you are or wish to become, remember that there is no harm in being flexible. 

Don’t forget to reward yourself 

Finally, when you hit a milestone, or if you have been working hard towards your goals, don’t forget to reward yourself now and then. Acknowledge your successes, no matter how small, each step of the way. 

Then, when you reach a significant milestone, make sure to celebrate it and treat yourself for all the effort that you have put in. This allows you to appreciate yourself and also motivates you for the future. 

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