Giving Gives Back

By: Judith Culp

The world around us is in a state of uncertainty. The use of violent force has changed our concepts of safety. Towns large and small have suffered the anguish of needless loss.

Instead of driving us into living in fear, it has triggered people coming together, helping each other, creating positive change out of a tough situation. People have bonded together to heal,

rebuild and make things better. We are in the unique position of creating positive change in people’s lives every day. One client at a time we make lives better. Hair, makeup and nails give clients an immediate positive lift. They sit a little taller, smile more and it is clear they feel better about themselves.

Hair removal and deep relaxation offer their own immediate results. And when a client gets a compliment on how great her skin looks, she thinks of you. When we make lives better, make

people feel better, they leave with a smile. That smile is a gift that keeps on giving. The people they meet get a perk when greeted by a smile.

Many technicians and businesses reach out in their community and look for ways to help others. Did you see on the news recently the hairstylist in California that gave away free haircuts? On his day off, he took his scissors and set up a chair and gave haircuts to homeless men. Talk about paying it forward. What a life lifting thing to do. Another stylist I know donates her gorgeous hair to Locks of Love. Anyone who has dealt with cancer will tell you that a good hairstylist was their personal angel. Help with a great cut, change of look or a wig as necessary, when help was so needed.

Others band together and walk, run and raise money for causes to improve other’s lives. There are as many ways to reach out and help others as there are businesses and communities. Many salons now have a web page dedicated to helping others. Both on the web and in their facilities they encourage clients to support local causes.Tattoo technicians work with Reach to Recovery to provide areola re-coloration following breast cancer. Others work with those scarred by surgeries or burns to restore normalcy. Makeup artists help those dealing with cancer feel more normal and healthy. There are summer camps for kids with cancer. Local makeup artists donate an afternoon and help create fun experiences with fantasy makeup. We don’t stop with helping people. We work with groups to help protect animals, rain forests and our impact on the planet. Did you know there are salons who have banded together to improve the planet? Their goal to reduce the chemical footprint left as a byproduct of hair services. They are called Green Circle Salons. Its mission statement reads: we recycle and repurpose hair, foils, color-tubes,papers and plastics. And they divert excess hair chemicals from being rinsed down the drain. Instead of these things going in the trash, salons bag and box these components. Then they ship the boxes off where they are repurposed, recycled. Salons also help educate clients on ecofriendly choices. They select products and packaging to select the most planet friendly choices. The planet along with a lot of happy clients are better for it.

Green Circle Salons is based in British Columbia. You can get more information, or join, on their web-Site: The added bonus, the real magic, is it how all this giving makes the giver feel. It’s great to know you have done a good job and made someone else’s day a little better. It makes your day better too! Raising money for local charities. Improving how your clients feel about themselves. Working to protect the planet right in your own workplace. It’s got to make you smile.

What is your passion? What matters to you? Is it children? The homeless? Women in transition? Those challenged by cancer? Fundraising for a local need? Working to save the environment? It’s all good. Every time you give, you share, you help, you get those good endorphins going. Without anyone ever saying a word, you know. You can feel it to your bones. Give yourself a hug. Do a little happy dance. Giving gives back. Sometimes it seems when we give we get more back. However you view it, giving is a Win-Win situation!

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