Hair Extension Specialist Industry In:Site #52

By: C. Jeanine Fulton

Category: Professionals, Students

The Make Up: Some people want hair enhancements for trend purposes, others want extensions to correct hair loss problems.  Extension specialists are licensed cosmetologists who offer a variety of hair additions and lengthening services for clients.  Some work independently servicing an extensive clientele. Others may prefer to work based on commission in a salon.

Regimen: Specialists conduct consultations to determine the technique that will be used, the type of hair, and the style that will best suit the client's lifestyle. Methods include infusion, sewing, quick weaving, braid extensions, and other variations.

Foundation: Licensed cosmetologist

-Extensive knowledge of weaving and extension techniques

-Continuing education classes

-Excellent customer service skills

Making the Cut: A professional portfolio and excellent customer service will allow you to differentiate your services. Send your work to various beauty industry publications to increase your marketing exposure.

Highlights & Tips: For more tips on hair extension specialists, check out Jeanine's book Industry In:Site.

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