Halloween Special Hair-Dos

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Have you always wanted to sport Bellatrix Lestrange's crazy hair? Well, now you can. It’s almost Halloween, and that means you can go all out on experimenting with your look. It’s also that one time of the year when you get away with almost any get-up. 


Halloween special hair-dos complement your Halloween costumes and enhance the look you're trying to do. You don’t have to worry about looking acceptable on Halloween, so throw caution to the wind and go wild dyeing your hair acid pink or setting it up in a retro afro. 


Need some ideas on how to style your hair for Halloween? Let us help! Choose from our pick of Halloween hairstyles below and impress the crowd at your Halloween party.


  • Vampire Hair – People associate vampires with slick, straight hair. After all, vampires don’t have to deal with dust and pollution while sleeping all day in their coffin, do they? The best way to get vampire stick-straight hair is to shampoo and then blow-dry after applying anti-frizz cream. The next step is to iron your hair and finally use some anti-frizz guard. Your vampire hair is ready!
  • Mermaid Hair – Mermaids have soft curls in their hairs. So if you want to dress up as a mermaid for Halloween, you’d better get those curls to add some authenticity to your look. To get this styling, dampen your hair first. Then proceed to render some curls into your mane by twisting and pinning them. Use a non-aerosol hairspray on it after. You can try a hair mist too once you’re done spraying it. In the end, you'll end up with a tousled hair look – just the kind Ariel famously sports.
  • Retro 80s hair – Think Whitney Houston and super-sized curls? If you wish to dress up and play-act as a fierce 80s female pop icon, you’ll need the hair for it. Brush your curls and tease them so that they stand out clearly. You could also use a volumizing spray. You need that big hair to allow your big personality to shine through, now don’t you?
  • Zombie hair – Probably the easiest Halloween hairstyle to pull off, you don’t even require any hair products for this. Just don’t wash your hair for a couple of days before Halloween, and voila! You have it – that famous undead hair. If you’re dressing up as a zombie, apply some grease on your hair in addition to your clothes. After all, you're about to portray that you’ve been lying in a crypt before your resurrection. 
  • Victorian hair – You must style your hair into a flamboyant bouffant if you want to dress as a Jane Austen heroine. Back-comb your hair and section the front portion on one side before applying some frizz guard. Next, gather all your hair in the back and twist it into a low bun. Make sure you do this in a manner that preserves volume at the crown.
  • 60s Flower child hair – Just want everyone to peace out? Sure. Hippies were a low-maintenance lot. All you need is a flower crown to accessorize. Wash your hair and let it air-dry to get that naturally wavy appearance. Just put on your crown of flowers and you’re good to go!


We hope we were able to help you sort out your Halloween hairdos. Most of these hairstyles can be done easily at home. However, anybody struggling is welcome to come to us, and we’ll make sure your hair is Halloween-ready! Princess or witch – we do not discriminate. Everybody can get their hair styled by us. Just don’t drag us to the afterlife!

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