Healthy vs Hurt- Being Competitive to Grow!

By: Rachel Carpenter

There is a defined line between healthy and hurtful competition. This lies in your individual perspective on competition and how you view it. If you see competition as a way to grow yourself in your industry and community you’re viewing competition in a healthy way! Of course we want to win- that’s a huge part of what competition is all about!  But it’s not quite everything. 

Being so focused on winning that you lose sight of how competition is growing you and building your skills can be counterproductive. It’s not good to get so competitive that you are hostile towards others, are willing to cheat to win, or are no longer viewing the competition in a positive light. But it can be really easy to slip into that way of thinking. Don’t feel alone- here are a few tips to keeping healthy competition in perspective and hurtful competition out of the picture!

Stay Positive

Maybe others are not keeping the same perspective you are. There may be other people you face in a competition that handle it quite nastily. It’s easy to feel bitter and want to match that energy! But that means you aren’t getting everything out of competition that you could.

By keeping a positive attitude, you are focusing on all of the many ways that competition can positively impact you! You are getting to see and work alongside other talented individuals in the industry, hone your skills, and put your work ethic to the test!

These are all great things you get out of competition- without even winning! By focusing on your personal growth and keeping a positive perspective, you’re working within yourself to keep competition healthy!

Focus on Yourself

We talked about this a little up above, but I really wanted to drive this point home! Block others out of your mind. Block out the nasty comments, the people that make you feel insecure, and ALL the negativity!

By focusing on yourself and the things that you benefit from there is no room left to worry about others!

There is an age-old saying- ‘Winners never look back’. Don’t look around in competition- focus on what will propel you to win, and you alone. 

Don’t Be the Negative One

We talked earlier about those making the negative comments, ruining the competition for everyone else. Don’t be that person!

Competition should be fun and healthy- by being that person to make a good situation toxic you’re fostering unnecessary and hurtful competition! The kind that NO ONE wants...

By following these tips and doing your very best, competition can be a wonderful experience! Keep it helpful and not hurtful- no matter the time, place, or audience! 

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